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Can you use Keynote (or download it somehow) on a PC?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) September 2nd, 2009

Just wanted to know if this was possible. I have the iWork CD for my MacBook Pro, but do I need to know anything else?

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Nope, Mac only.

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Ultimately if you’re trying to get PC and Keynote functionality on the same computer you could run Windows and the MacOS on the same computer using Boot Camp which would allow you to have Keynote and Windows on the same Apple rig. Although @eambos is corrent you can’t run Keynote on the Windows OS… you can sorta get around that if just having both on one machine is enough for you…

Hope that helps… !

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Yeah, Boot Camp is one way to do it, but perhaps you could save your Keynote document as a Microsoft PowerPoint document, or even better, try getting Microsoft Office for Mac. That would stop this problem from happening in the first place because you can build in PowerPoint from the outset.

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I just wanted all the functionality of a sophisticated keynote presentation to be able to work exactly the same on a PC as if it were on a Mac.

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Keynote has an option to export its presentations as Quicktime Video. If you can time out your presentation in advance, you can just play the video full screen on the PC, and have all the nifty looking transitions you like. There’s also a Flash option, but I’m not sure if that would run in a web browser, or how it’d look.

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