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What would happen if all the colors in the world switched places?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11303points) September 3rd, 2009

What would be affected if colors arbitrarily switched to another color? Red became orange, green became purple, etc etc.

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You would have to be more careful in negotiating intersections because the traffic signal devices would now have different colors. That would be very unusual and probably dangerous for motor vehicle operators.

On a lighter note, rainbows would have a different look to them also and that might not be a bad thing. Variety is nice; the spice of life and all that stuff.

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There’d be no more red-blooded Americans.
The Green Party would become the Purple Party.
Sad people would suddenly have the yellows.
People would no longer be able to recognize their favorite m&m’s
Cowards would be fuschia and some folks would be purple with envy.

Perhaps worst of all, our terrorist alert system would no longer function.

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I’d take medicine and lie in bed, trying to ignore the blue sunlight pouring into my room.

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i would love the day that i’d wake up and see a pink sky :)

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Would the fruit Orange, have to be renamed as a Red.

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@yziabites Actually, the sky would be orange since blue and orange are opposites on the colour wheel..

Just thinking about a bright orange sky is hurting the eyes of my imagination..

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I would still be colourblind :@

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I was thinking a bull would no longer charge. An EOD team would no longer know which wire to cut. A woman would walk by with hot pink colored eyes. Thousands of metaphors in poetry would become obsolete… lol

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I’d like to see an ocean that looked like grape Kool-Aid.

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Also how do you know that your red is my red and not my green? Or that in taste, my
lemon is your lemon and not my strawberry?

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Obama would be criticised for being not blue enough.

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@sunshine123 I’ve often wondered that too and we covered that in the question @uberbatman referenced. XD

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Same as daylight savings time – absolutely nothing, we would learn the new names/colors and deal. It happens to people who move to a country that speaks a different language than they knew before, and they simply learn the new names.

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@YARNLADY but what if they changed arbitrarily, of their own volition?

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@NaturalMineralWater If it was changing that occurred more than once, it would be harder to adjust to, but a one time overall change, or changing with the seasons would be easier to deal with.

Ask any school child, what color are the leaves? They will nearly always say green, not which season are you asking about.

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I just wonder what would happen, what are all the things we rely on color for? What would happen If everything was black and white? I guess that would be an easier way to imagine my question.

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Never mind black and white , Discovery channel are remaking the WWII in colour and HD .

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@Saturated_brain i see. so is orange the opposite of blue? i didn’t know about that, sorry. :) i said pink because i love that color. LOL

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