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Traveling with 2 passports , one invalid?

Asked by duoitrun (3points) September 3rd, 2009

This is my situation:
i need to leave US on the 7th of September to Romania. I dont have my valid American passport because I needed to send it to apply for a British visa but still haven’t gotten it back yet due to some IT problem at the UK consulate.
But now my question is would I be able to leave the US with my Vietnamese passport (I have dual citizenship) and enter Romania with an invalid American passport (not because it’s expired but because it’s reported stolen but then I recover it). The problem is Romania won’t allow me entering the country with my Vietnamese passport without an invitation from an authority even if i’d only be staying there for 10 days .
Should I show the Romanian customs that I have an American passport and not the vietnamese passport hoping they would let me enter the country
Sorry it’s a bit confusing.

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Perhaps you could consult the Romanian Consulate here in the States before you leave, so that you aren’t ejected. That would be quite a disappointment.

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I know that you have to have a valid US Passport to travel outside of the US, but if you have a dual citizenship then you can travel with your Vietnamese Passport they shouldn’t give you a problem. Not sure how it works if your passport is expired and you haven’t received the new one. My mom misplaced hers and they wouldn’t issue another one because it was still valid. They may or may not be able to look it up when they scan it through. I would try to get ahold of someone out there and see what can be done. See if you can get your new passport rushed. You have to get on the phone!

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thanks for your advice.
I called the department of state, they looked up the passport number and confirmed that it’s invalid, so I cant use it to travel anymore. My only option is to use my Vietnamese passport but having problems with entering Romania with it. I was just hoping maybe the romanian customs wont be able to tell i the American passport is invalidated or not…

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I had a friend in a similar situation, and she had to change her dates of travel, to wait for them to send her passport back with the visa. Sorry! :(

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As someone who was detained (for two weeks!) while traveling with passport confusion, I really recommend you get your US passport someway somehow before you leave.

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Hmmm….very tricky.

1) yes, you could try flip the US passport at them, hope they’ll just wave you through (which they probably will). This has a high chance of working out, but if they do decide to check your passport and discover it’s stolen, you’re screwed. If you then show them a second passport, you’re even more screwed. Too risky. I’d do it, but then again I like danger. I wouldn’t officially recommend it to anyone.

2) If you do try it and get caught, it’s probably safer to hide your Vietnamese passport and wait until they send you the US one from the UK.

3) A Vietnamese passport is not the best one to carry anywhere, and certainly not the EU, but as long as it’s valid, it will eventually get you through. Yes, you need a visa, and yes, you may get delayed at borders. But you’ll be legal and have nothing to worry about.

4) Do you have a third US passport? Perhaps an expired one? Or driver’s licence? That may actually be far better than your stolen one. As long as the stolen one is not expired, it will probably be fine if you get stopped in the street by the police, or want something to show at your hotel or wherever else, but airport security is quite strict sometimes, and if they decide to punch the number into their computer you’ll spend your holidays trying to persuade them you’re not a Vietnamese terrorist trying to bomb the Timisoara museum of communist memorabilia.

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I really thought it’ll be worth it to try, see what consequences it would have…but maybe not. I guess good news is I know a whole lot more now than before.
I went to Washington DC today trying to get an expedite passport but they wouldn’t issue one since they need to cancel the other one that’s at the British consulate. I found out about a service where they would pull my visa out and submit it straight to the consulate with a fee. I’m doing that right now.
So I tried everything possible but it seems there’s no way to save my trip on the 7th anymore.
But thank you everybody for your valuable inputs.

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