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What's it like to get a 5th metacarpal rebroke, and repaired?

Asked by bumwithablackberry (932points) September 4th, 2009

What is the experience like, what should I expect?

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I’ve had multiple hand surgeries and it is pretty easy. When you go to have the actual procedure done just wear sweats, shorts or something easy to put on as you will be dressing yourself one handed. Also be sure to wear slippers or some type of slip-on shoe, I wore chucks to my first hand surgery and tying shoes one handed (plus drugged up) is no easy task.

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I’m too distracted by your awesome tags to think about what you should wear :D

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@hungryhungryhortence those are some great tags! I didn’t even notice them until you said something! I had a rhinoplasty done, but I don’t think that qualifies.

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It’ll hurt.

Great topics, btw!

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Hopefully it will be your non-dominant hand. Otherwise, it will be hard as all get out to write checks, letters or assignments.

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@hungryhungryhortence Tags? what’s that? and are they really awesome, if so, then, thanks.

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@bumwithablackberry: tags= the topics you’ve typed in. I always read them in posts since they’re like little stories unto themselves. You’re welcome.

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Dominant hand? Oh, you mean my jackoff hand, that’s what we call it where Im from. Yeah its that one, I’ll be crippled a bit for a while. Are you awake during the surgery?

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Around here, they generally use “sedation” rather than full-on anesthesia. Technically you are awake, but you won’t remember a thing.

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The surgery doesn’t hurt much but the healing and rehab does…good luck, mine was broke and rewired, healed and I ended up with fracture diseae and extensive rehab took 18+ months to regain function

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