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Can I print Chuck Norris on a T-Shirt?

Asked by cricketonastick (198points) September 4th, 2009

I’m starting up a new cafe press site because the last was shut down (for essentially the same problem, but that time they were right). The shirts have Chuck Norris vs various people on them, and today they blocked all of my images. If you want to see them, they are here:

My essential problem is that the name Chuck Norris is all over shirts on Cafepress, which clearly aren’t blocked. So why are mine?

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You can’t use an image for profit without paying a licensing fee. The other company probably pays that fee. How could you have gone through this before w/o knowing why.

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Why are you always picking on poor Mr Rogers? :(

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Go to the terms of service and find out what their requirements are, and follow them, like everybody else probably does. Often the only ones that get shut down are the ones people complain about. It’s sort of like the moderation here, they can’t see every account, and rely on others to help.

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I thought we were done with Chuck Norris.
I can’t imagine Chuck Norris being a commodity much longer.

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You need to pay somebody some money, probably Chuck Norris.

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@ploverk14 Please don’t SHOUT. Turn off the caps lock. :)

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