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Are Apple planning to sell 3rd Party iPhone/iPod Touch Apps?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) January 19th, 2008

Macenstein were talking about Apple charging for other peoples 3rd Party Apps through iTunes, but I watched the Keynote and didn’t pick it up… no other sites seem to be talking about this so is Macenstein just being stupid?
It would be good if they distributed them through iTunes for free like they do for podcasts and iPod Classic Games but surely they can’t charge for other peoples Apps?

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Nobody knows what will happen, but one scenario is that Apple sells third-party apps through the iTunes store, with Apple taking a cut of the sale money. Presumably, most of the money will go to the developer.

So Apple can, in fact, charge for apps, or prevent developers from giving away apps for free. But nobody knows what they’re doing yet.

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Almost certainly Apple will charge for iPhone apps and distribute them via iTunes, the entire ecosystem is already working and proven (you can buy 3rd party games for iPods, for example). In fact I believe that S. Jobs made an indirect reference to this during his MacWorld Keynote, but I don’t think that Apple has come right out and said that this is indeed how iPhone apps will be sold as they hold their cards very close to the chest until announcing new products/services.

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Apple is A corporation, a single entity. Your question is not english. In english, we would ask “Is Apple planning to..”

My money is on a flexible pricing guide.

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@aaronblohowiak: go to hell. and my bad. Technically Apple could sell iPhone apps through any of their different outlets so one or more of their incarnations could be selling them… but yeah you’re right.

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