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Do flat irons need to be replaced?

Asked by LKM936 (63points) September 4th, 2009

I’m wondering if flat irons (hair straightening) need to be replaced after a long period of time. I have a good quality flat iron that was expensive but I got it about 5 years ago. Though it still works well (I think), I am wondering if it is damaging my hair or if getting a replacement would be better for both my hair and for the ease of straightening?
any comments or suggestions would be helpful

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I have always used one that has worked best for me, and for a really long time. If it works, use it, haha well of course until it breaks :]

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Mine never has…

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If you have one of the nice ceramic ones, you do sometimes need to replace the ceramic plates. However, you can tell when you need to do that because it stops working.

My daughter’s is about 5 years old, too, but it still works fine. It was expensive, though! We got it half-price through our hairdresser but it was still $100.

If you think you need a new want (or just want a new one), this site lists several, including the one my daughter has.

Otherwise, if your hair isn’t feeling right you might check to see if you need different products or could use a hot oil treatment every now and then.

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Probably about the same as a curling iron. They start to get product “baked” onto them and, IMO, the eventually don’t get quite as hot.

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i guess only after it doesnt work :)

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I’ve seen the antique ones made out of cast iron. I bet those would never wear out, but you need to heat them up on a wood burning stove.

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I’ve had my Chi straightener since 2003/2004 and it’s still going strong :D So I suppose if you get a really nice one (mine was $99 when I got it) then you shouldn’t need to replace it often. I haven’t. However I have tried to switch to other irons just to try them out, nothing has even compared to mine.

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These flatirons haven’t been replaced for hundreds of millenia!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra My wife heats her cast iron straightener on the glass cooktop.

These flatirons haven’t been replaced for hundreds of millenia!

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When I bought cheaper ones I had to replaces them every year or so but I’ve had the same one for maybe 4 years. It was $120 ish…maybe more actually. Under $200 though. It’s thin and it gets up to 450 degrees, works like a charm, and nothing has gone wrong with it yet!

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@deni $120ish is cheap? My god. I bought one for like $12. I just am straightening my bangs though.

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@knitfroggy She didn’t say $120 is cheap. She said when she bought cheaper ones she had to replaces them every year. And then she said that she’s had the $120 one for like 4 years, and it’s never quit working.

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Ugh…sorry! Didn’t read it well enough!

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@chelseababyy gracias chelsea for saving me some typing :)

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@deni De nada mi amiga!

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Or I could just learn to read more clearly! That might help too! ;)

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Orrrrrr, I could always be there to help straighten things out!

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