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Are there such things as cold water dolphins?

Asked by dphhaas (164points) September 5th, 2009

my wife and i were at the tail end of a flight and taxiing to the terminal at the airport. the plane at the terminal next to us was for frontier airlines and it had a dolphin painted on the tail wing (i guess that’s what it is called). we were debating where we thought frontier flew to and i suggested alaska. she laughed at me and said there were no dolphins along the coast of alaska. i had no idea so i made up a story about there being cold water dolphins, while she insists that dolphins are only found in warm water, temperate oceans. so what’s the deal?

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Yes, there is the hourglass dolphin.

Now, it also depends on your definition of “cold”. The hourglass dolphin lives in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters. However, many humans would consider the Atlantic waters off the northeast coast to be cold, and there are dolphins there, as well.

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Yes, dolphins can be found in cold water. They’re found along almost all the of the tropical and temperate coasts from latitude 40° south and up to latitude 60° North. Cities at 60N include Anchorage, Alaska, so yes, some species of Dolphins can be seen in the waters off Alaska.

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Orcas are true dolphins (family Delphinidae), even though they’re called “killer whales”. They frequent arctic waters.

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Frontier Airlines have lots of different animals painted on their plane tails. Each animal has a name. The dolphin is not the company mascot.

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