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On batteries and electricity: in anticipation of a power outage, can you put batteries in a radio and still plug it in?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) December 14th, 2006
Or do you wait until the electricity goes off, and then search about for the batteries in the dark and put them in by feel so you can hear how long the electricity will be off? I would like to be a bit prepared.
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We have power outages all the time. I keep several flashlights ready and candles and matches everywhere. Then it is easy to put batteries in radio. Better to store them if not being used. I have spare batteries for everything. AAA, AA, 9 volt, etc.
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You can also get a hand-crank radio so you never need batteries. I know NPR in SF was giving them away with memberships.
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I personally keep batteries in my radio and my clock all the time. It takes YEARS for them to run out if you are not really using them...since they are plugged in to electricity. So...why fuss around when the power goes off...looking for the batteries and installing them....If they are can just turn them on! :))
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I always just put the batteries in & then plug it in. The last thing I wanna be doing in the dark is farting around looking for batteries to put in everything. I think as long as you use electricity, any battery usage would be minimal.
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Thanks for your responses. I'll put in the batteries and plug it in.
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It depends on the specific device. Generally it’s not a problem, but there are some bad designs that eat batteries even when not in use. I have a cheap digital camera that eats batteries in a couple of days even if off – when I used it, I would keep the batteries loaded but the door (which has the other side of the contact on it open so it wouldn’t drain the batteries.

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Thanks again.

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