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Suggestions of places/things to do/see in Paris, aside from the obvious.

Asked by saraaaaaa (2317points) September 5th, 2009

So I am going to Paris on the 22nd with my best friend and rather than spend the whole time acting like a dopey tourist I would like to know any suggestions or ideas you may have of things or places that I wouldn’t otherwise think to see and do?

Thank you for your time :)

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Jim Morrison’s grave!
Not that I’ve been there.

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If you’ve never been before, you want to see the famous sites and they are not dopey, I promise you. Get a map, good walking shoes, a guide book, brush up on your subjunctive, learn the Paris Metro system and roam.

The obvious should not be skipped; there is a reason for their notoriety.

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@gailcalled I of course wish to see the obvious, the Louvre, Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower and all that but I would just like some other bits to mix in with it :)

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First off, you’re a tourist. You’re going to look like a tourist and there’s nothing you can do about that.

What you should go see depends on what you like. If I went I’d absolutely go see the Tower and the Louvre at the very least. I’d also visit the local restaurant and night scenes.

Other than the main things, I don’t know much about Paris. The hotel concierge can probably tell you all sorts of cool places to go. I’d recommend brushing up on some French first. Don’t expect a lot of natives to speak English.

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Can’t go wrong with baguettes

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Maybe a bit of an odd one, but the Père Lachaise Cemetery in 20e is well worth a visit. Aside from being very pretty, it also houses tombs of some very famous people including Oscar Wilde, Chopin and Georges Bizet . You can even write a message on Wilde’s tomb.

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Don’t bathe and wear a lot of perfume!
You’ll fit in!

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Check out her droopy eye.~

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You should check out the Vampire and Werewolf communities living in the older parts of the Catacombs.

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Trocadéro – Especially in the evening/night it’s a nice place to sit or to stroll.
Lots of (young(er)) people having a good time, drinking a beer, and youths who are skating and do the greatset tricks with it.

There’s also the sewers that you can visit.
I haven’t done that myself, by the way, so i can’t tell you if that’s nice or not.

And i remember this gardens being quite nice to relax some.

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[Mod Says] Lay off the all caps please.

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@Harp:Are you flying to Paris while writing?

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@gailcalled Pretty witty, gail.

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Go inside the Sainte-Chapelle on a sunny day.

Grab a falafel sandwich from one of the stands in the Jewish Quarter, rue des Rosiers, then get lost walking in the Marais.

Take some leftover baguette to the Jardin des Tuilleries and feed it to the enormous carp in the round basins.

Go to the Sunday morning bird market on Île de la Cité on, buy some pigeon food, then go feed the pigeons in the park behind Notre Dame.

Visit Shakespeare and Company, the historic little English bookstore on the left bank quai across the river from Notre Dame.

Then walk a bit down the same quai to one of the oldest churches in Paris, St. Julien-le-Pauvre. On its grounds is the oldest tree in Paris.

Watch the sunset from the steps in front of the Sacré Coeur basilica on Montmartre.

When you’re in the neighborhood of the Louvre, find St. Eustache, a homely hulk of a church on the outside, quite beautiful inside. Tourists never go here because it’s so unpromising looking, but it used to be the church that served les Halles, the old wholesale market of Paris.

While you’re near les Halles, hunt up the 130 year-old shop of the exterminator Julien Aurouze, 8, rue Halles. You’ll see why when you get there.

Get some macarons from Ladurée, croissants (or anything, really) from Dalloyau, chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat, and go smudge the windows at Fauchon.

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@Harp I’m planning on visiting Paris again (this time with my girlfriend) in october or november and i will definitely bookmark this page in my phone.
Nice answer.
Worth the wait.

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Hubby says one thing he really enjoyed was the bus tour he took. He visited the regular tourist places, but spent the most time in the Louvre. He stayed in a hostel, and ate at little neighborhood restaurants.

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Suivez le guide (Harp).

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Take the elevator to the top floor of the central Lafayette store in Boulevard Haussmann. It’s free. The view will look like this:

Inside it looks like this:

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Thank you for your answers, these are the kind of things that I am looking for, things that I wouldn’t have otherwise known to do, and the macaroons look to die for ^^

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