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Have you ever hit yourself?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23954points) September 6th, 2009

Pretty self-explanatory. If you have, for what purpose? Was it accidental or intentional?

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I have run into things, but never intentionaly “hit” or “punched” myself. I have, however, gotten very mad and kicked a wall and that hurt like hell.

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Of course
If there’s a pain that’s too overwhelming, I would sometimes hit myself to distract myself from it. Like when I had my wisdom tooth pulled out, I had to hit myself constantly

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I’ve hit myself in the face several times when opening things and when doing my makeup and the muscles in my hand/arm twitch. Most of the time it’s a result of my bad depth perception.

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I’ll give myself a nice knuckle punch in my quad/hamstring if I have a cramp. The pain feels better than the cramp.

When i’m giving my g/f a foot massage she likes me to give her light non-knuckle punches in the middle of her foot. I never thought of doing that but then she did it to me and I see where she’s coming from.

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I hit myself all the time. Mostly in the leg. I think it’s another tic. I’m just compelled to. I can’t explain why. It’s like there’s an internal itch or something. Another purpose would be smacking yourself if you get in a mood over something that isn’t worth it, so you’re trying to snap out of it. Like, you see in movies, some guy is tweakin, other guy smacks him “Snap out of it, man!”. And then there’s the classic “annoying person won’t shut up and it’s illegal to kill them so i’ll just slam my head on something before it explodes”.

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at the gas station where I worked I was practicing Sqwee-gee-do (spinning and twirling sqweeges) and smacked myself in the face.

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I USED to hit myself in the leg when I got really mad. But when I was younger, like 12–16 maybe. I don’t know, it was stupid, but it helped me not be so mad. Unfortunately it usually bruised.

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Occasionally, when I’m freaking out, mind going speed of light a minute, hyperventilating, etc., I’ll find a nice hard book (dictionary works well) and hit myself on the forehead with it.

It doesn’t hurt, but it’s enough to knock (lol) some sense into me.

Sort of like how Gibbs smacks DiNozzo/McGee upside the back of the head. (NCIS)

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One time my ex boyfriend was pretending to punch me with my own arms but wasn’t really hitting me, but he pushed my arm back too far and i just happened to change the position of my hand and i chopped myself right in the jugular. it hurt real bad.

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@evegrimm I’m gonna have to try that!

I run into furniture all the time, and sometimes door frames if I’m in a hurry – it’s part of my certified klutz status

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I smashed a large rock into my shins once when I was eight or nine.

I was curious about how bruises form and how the body reacts to damage. I figured a nice bony place would be best, not the sifter squishy bits that would take the blow best. I never remembered to look when I got hurt and observe the changes as I was distracted by the unexpected pain. So, I tested it. I knew I wasn’t gonna break anything – wasn’t strong enough. I knew it would hurt temporarily and I knew it was coming. So bam, did it. Watched, was satisfied and moved on.

I didn’t ever do anything on purpose to myself again. In case you’re wondering.

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Oh, and I know I was weird as a kid.

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In moments of frustration, I have put my own head through a wall (sheet rock). That was several years back during my psychotic PMS phase, which I blame in large part on the birth control pills I was taking at the time, plus being in a very co-dependent relationship.

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While dating my wife, who lived 45 minutes away, I would drive home at 3 am. Often, I would start falling asleep at the wheel, and would slap myself HARD to wake up.

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Not hitting, but I’ve pinched myself a few times!

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I’m a klutz. The list I could write about me hitting myself with things would take 20 minutes to read. :P

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I used to bite myself too, on the wrist. Generally when someone in my house was snoring so loudly that I couldn’t sleep, I would release some frustration by biting. I’m a bit intolerant of snoring, and it’s a problem.

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Sometimes I hit myself in order to stop the itching. It usually doesn’t work for very long. Other times I hit myself to change the pain to something I can focus on, or to change the focus of my pain. On very rare occasions, I might hit myself because I am pissed at myself, and feel like I should be punished.

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Yes! Sometimes intentionally and sometimes it just happens by accident. But when I am mad I don’t “hit” myself, there’s other things to do. cut

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Well I think I was once so mad at myself that I actually slapped my own face really hard.

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Wow. I had no idea there were so many masochists here. :)

I am such a chicken-sh*t about pain in any form I definitely don’t do it to myself on purpose.

But there have been a few times when trying to get something unstuck that I end up poking myself in the eye.

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Driving drunk, I drove my car through a red light at an intersection where I happened to be crossing on foot and ran over myself. Not sure who to sue.

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accidental about 435768249571496 times
intentional a few times when really thought I’m stupid

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I went through the whole masochistic stage earlier in my life but it is pretty much out of my system now. On the occasions it did happen, it was on the subconcious level and very freaky. I even had some pretty vivid flashbacks when I watched the movie Fight Club.

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Ooh… this is a touchy one… I hit myself intentionally sometimes when I’m frustrated at myself… like when I don’t finish my homework or when I can’t get up in the morning on time (usually it’s a combination of both that drives me to that extreme). I’ve actually really hurt myself a few times. Haven’t done that since I stopped playing video games though. Gee, it really helps to quit, doesn’t it!

And… unintentionally… well, you learn to laugh at it. =P

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@ratboy You said, “Driving drunk, I drove my car through a red light at an intersection where I happened to be crossing on foot and ran over myself. Not sure who to sue.” There MUST have been something more than alcohol involved, LOL!!

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I’ve hit myself during those times when my big brother was saying “quit hitting yourself”.

I’ve hit myself to distract from pain.

I’ve slapped myself to wake up while driving.

I’ve hit myself to pump myself up.

I’ve hit myself unintentionally (like that time in high school when I was scopin the chick on the bus and not paying attention whilst walking directly into a volleyball pole)

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I hit myself with a hammer-hatchet. Poor finger is still purple under the nail three weeks later. :P

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@avvooooooo Ouch! I can feel your pain. I was splitting wood last October when the sledge hammer went right down on my thumb. I’m sure I probably fractured a bone, but I decided to not go to the hospital. That was a year ago and it still hurts me now and then.

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@jonsblond If I went to the hospital every time I cracked a bone, I’d never leave. Stupid feet.

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I’ve walked into a door and given myself a black eye 3 days before prom. Broken my left hand running down the stairs and my right foot running up the stairs. Both within two weeks of each other. I’ve also slammed my head on the wall while sneezing.


Once I was winding up a long cord from a vacuum cleaner, around and around really fast, to tie it onto the vacuum’s side clips, and the end of the cord (the weighty, hard plug-in part) struck me in the, ahem, testicles. It was awful. :(

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As a teen, I was happily skipping (rather than walking) through the upstairs of our house in Japan. I happened to be on the up-skip exactly as I passed through a door frame, hit my head and knocked myself out cold.

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I am sometimes my own worst enemy. I got hit several times when the the bolt suddenly loosened when I had my face too close to the wrench. A couple weeks ago, I moved some blueprints from my workbench at home. There was an exacto knife in between drawings and It landed point first and stuck in my foot. It is very shocking to see a knife sticking in your foot.

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