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Where does Dr. J go on holiday?

Asked by Les (9602points) September 6th, 2009

Dr. J (our faithful Jelly mascot, for those not in the know) is currently icing it up with me, down on the seventh continent (click on the pic thumbnail to see Dr. J in his full glory).

So this got me thinking: How about “Fluther on every continent”? I got the hardest one out of the way. So who’s with me on getting the other 6? We can submit them to the flickr jellyshirts group, and show off our coolness around the world!

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DANG. The Antarctic! Wow…

I cannot play the game as I have a Fluther sticker but do not have an official Dr. J shirt yet but will follow this thread.

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Antarctica? Dang!
I always thought jellyfish didn’t do well in colder climates.

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I haven’t received a check for my first ad campaign yet.
For some reason I don’t think it’s coming. ~_~

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well, I’ve got a jellybean in my belly…seems he’s already been here ;)

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Here’s some Icy jellies for you. :)

@Les All I’ve got to say is you’re one awesome jelly!

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

@jonsblond Such fascinating creatures that live in our oceans.

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@casheroo: And he left a little part of him with you.
@jonsblond : Thanks!
@Dog: Take your sticker with you and get a shot. ;-)

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This is a fabulous idea. As I’ve never left the US, I doubt I’ll be much help… but I know we have lots of continent hoppers here who could pitch in. Awesome pics, BTW!

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Awesome! Stickers count!

Can we expand the game to any unusual places to find Dr. J? @Les is still the winner tentacles down…

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@augustlan – If my calculations are correct, I think South America and Africa are the two next hardest continents.
@Dog – Absolutely! I think it would be awesome to see Dr J by different landmarks and cool places.

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Well he’s been with me to Canada, UK and India this year. 3 countries from three different continents. I remember returning to USA with DrJ and the Newark airport security guard thought he was cute.

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@PnL Yes! But did you take pictures?

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@Les Those clouds are absolutely gorgeous!

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Since you mention it, I thought I’d post a link to the Fluther Photobucket Album.

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@Harp – Thanks! We were pretty lucky to see those. Once the sun comes up for good, they will be all gone.

@hearcat- Thats great. I didn’t even know that existed. I posted my pic on the flickr page, but that one seems more all-inclusive. Thanks for the link!

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@Les: There’s a Flicker page, too? I just thought you were mixing up your photo website names like I’m inclined to do! Can you post a link to that page, too?

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@hearcat: Why, sure! Here you go!

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He goes grumpyfishing.

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I forgot about the photobucket page. Entertaining to see the infamous eye tattoo.

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@RareDenver Great pic! Did you post it to the flicker page and/or the photobucket page?

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@augustlan it’s on the flickr page

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@RareDenver Awesome! I am now officially jealous of you and Dr. J.

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@RareDenver : Nice! I love it!

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