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What are some fun, interesting, useful uses for Twitter?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) September 6th, 2009

I don’t really use Twitter that much because it seems like something celebrities, and bloggers would have most fun with but not me. One of my friends follows Timer to remind her of important things. Anyone want to share what they use Twitter for and what the big fuss is all about?

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I was a volunteer at this swim event today and one of the people with the organizers tweeted the action.

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I recently started following cookbook on twitter. She tweets recipes, a real challenge in the 140 character limit! Here’s an example, from the most recent recipe she posted:

Spinach-Pear & Gorgonzola Soup: saute T buttr/4chop pear&gr onion; +4c spinach&stock/.25t nutmeg. Simmer8m; puree+8T cheese/2c lt cream/s+p.

They’re fun to interpret, although I haven’t made any of them yet!

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I don’t think twitter is that big of a deal, really. If you are following interesting people like those you’ve befriended online, or friends from your ‘offline life’, then it can be fun. I had mine for about a year before I became active.

I don’t follow celebs, but I did start following shitmydadsays recently and it’s been pretty entertaining.

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Sometimes it seems like you’re getting TMI from Twitter’ers and why do I really want to know that much about someone.
HOWEVER it is useful for instant notification in specific circumstances.

I don’t have a smart phone, so for me to Twitter would be silly.

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Thanks for all your responses. @Skippy You don’t need a smartphone or even a phone with internet. All you need is a phone that can SMS text (pretty much all phones) and you can tweet, reply, and receive people’s tweets as SMS messages! I used to do it all the time.

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I only Twitter from my computer…

Anyway, I had this idea some time ago, but little inspiration:

Basically, the idea was to post stories that consisted of exactly six words, no more, no less, aka six-word stories. If anybody things of cool ones, be sure to mention them ;-)

Hmm, I guess I could ask a new question for this…

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@TheCreative I’ll have to try that….

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Twitter is the most amazing tool ever created and I like to blog about the uses of it often from sales to just plain old fun. One of the best things to do is tweet in real time and join in the conversation of a real world event like a tv show premier or an NFL game. Possibilities are endless

Check out this blog post I wrote

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No because i have a twitter account and i dont know how to use twitter properly…I dont have anyone of my real life friends as my twit mates or whatever they are called because I can’t find them…Maybe I should’ve just not even got a twitter account lol

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fun: following tweeters who link to enjoyable stuff on a regular basis, and if you like music, there are those who link to, grooveshark, etc. there are also twittergames like spymaster and the natsulion app “tweet n seek” game. useful: tech support from companies and app developers: giveaways and contests for all sorts of things (marriothawaii just ended weeks of giving away a week at marriot in hawaii, one week for each island, for example). you can get your daily horoscope, your weather, and other stuff like that tweeted too. plus you can tweet on computer, IM, sms, iphone app, and on any device that connects to the net (and that can type, tho you can also just read). it takes awhile to find a good personal mix to follow, but it’s easy. just click the trends, read tweets on it. if someone seems interesting, follow. if they’re not, unfollow. takes two seconds. and this is only a partial list.

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one more use: you can DM with ppl privately (you can also have a private account, so only those you allow can read your tweets, and you can have multiple different accounts for different uses), and you can have private chat with only ppl you all want in the chat. other uses: get questions answered, see who’s locally tweeting and if you like, go to tweetups and actually meet some of them, see photos, get brief bubbletweet “podcasts,” set up feeds from ebay, woot, itunes, and so on. what’s so cool about twitter is that you can pretty much do anything with it. and it’s free.

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