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What was the best trip hop album of 2007?

Asked by Leech (26points) January 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Like the title says.

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maybe not “trip hop” in the strictest sense of the word… some might call it breakbeat or dubstep… but “Untrue” by Burial has the spirit of the best trip hop albums of any year and would definitely get my vote for the best of 2007!

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Nice, I’ll listen it. Another suggestion, aloha?

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Dive Deep by Morcheeba. Although their earlier albums are even better, check out ‘Fragments of Freedom, Big Calm, Parts of the Process and The Antidote’.

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Thanks.. Anything else?

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I’m sort of new to trip-hop but check out “Super Friendz”. It’s a remix by a couple rapper guys Vast Aire and MF DOOM. It’s part of an [adult swim] mix so just look up “Chocolate Swim” in google and you should get a lengthy mp3 file somewhere. The last track is “Super Friendz”. Really cool stuff. Check it out.

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Dirty Elegance – Finding Beauty In The Wretched!!!! MUST LISTEN. one of my all-time top favs… might be my favorite listen to this date. Their new release, Ode To Bartleby (2008), is just as beautifully masterful, if not more! audible mad genius is he! sets the mood and takes you for a ride… PEEP IT!

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