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How do you make a shower hotter?

Asked by Chawk80 (128points) September 7th, 2009

I replaced the valve inside the faucet of my shower and it now does not get hot like it used to. Is there something I can adjust? I dont think I put it in wrong it has guides to put it in. Such as hot side cold side. So not sure what I did.

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Check the water heater. If you want a hotter shower, increase the temperature that it heats the water to. Maybe it’s temp is set too low right now.
I think that’s how it works… yes?

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flusf the toilet?

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If you can’t solve it via hardware, you could always go the relative route by starting with really cold water. :P That is not the solution you probably wanted to hear about.

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Be careful if you adjust the water heater, not to make the water too hot. The plumber was here a few weeks ago because having the water too hot ruined all the washers in the faucets over time, and I had 5 leaking faucets because of too hot water.

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Okay, this problem began when you replaced the washer on your shower controls? Is it one of those single handle/pressure matching faucets? Was the washer on the hot water side, or the cold water side?
Inquiring minds want to know!

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Two supermodels.

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