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There's a very yummy pizza place in the Mission in SF which a handsome young man once took me to. Anyone know the name and/or the location of the restaurant?

Asked by Michael (2685points) December 14th, 2006
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Perhaps it was Pauline's Pizza (14th and Valencia)...
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i would say arinell's, but it seems like andrew and ben have self-identified as the handsome men and they know what they're talking about.
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i'm not a handsome man, but i'd vote for Arinell.
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Zante's pizze (mission st. @ cortland/29th or so). great indian pizza (the owner grew up in India, moved to NY and worked in pizza places for 10 years, and then opened up Zante's in SF. it's great.
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Arinell pizza on 16th is one of my personal favorites.
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they also just opened a little star on valencia which doesnt answer the question, but its good pizza..... but the best is zackary's in berkeley....YUM!
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What happened to the handsome young man? Maybe it's worth asking him...?
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