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Movies on Baseball?

Asked by sharktale (1points) September 7th, 2009

Hey people – I’m researching baseball in movies. Can you list good movies based around baseball ?

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Major League, Field of Dreams, Angels in the Outfield (& I think the infield) um….

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All the Sandlot series.

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Do a search at the imdb website and you will get every single one.

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A League of Their Own

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Bull Durham

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I think it was called The Babe the one with John Goodman. ^A League of Their Own^ Great movie!!

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@occ beat me to it :)

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@axemusica – did that. doesnt help. this doesnt help too. Reason why I’m here asking your opinion.

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SUGAR or *61

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@Axemusica Thanks I should have looked it up before answering but I wanted to say it before someone else did :)

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Fever Pitch
Bad News Bears
For the Love of the Game
The Rookie
The Natural
Pride of the Yankees
Rookie of the Year

You could just google “baseball movies”

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Perhaps if you give a little more background as to what you’re specifically looking for? “I’m researching baseball in movies” is about as ambiguous as saying “I might be a little bit pregnant.”

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Field of Dreams is one of favorite baseball movies.

(If you build it, he will come.) Creeeepy.

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Fear Strikes Out

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*61 was my favorite

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Rookie of the year is my favorite!

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The Fan.

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Bang the Drum Slowly
Stealing Home

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Maybe try Baseketball ( It’s a combination of both baseball and basketball.

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yeah there are few movies about baseball the few comes in the mind are:

Major league, Bull Durham, Rookie, The Natural,
Pride of the Yankees

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Major League 1,2 Field of Dreams

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My Baseball Movie Rankings
1. The Natural (By far the best!)
2. Field of Dreams
3. The Sandlot

I haven’t seen Pride of the Yankees, or a few of the others mentioned here, but I will probably watch them sometime. I like baseball, and I like it as a framework for telling stories too.

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There is a baseball scene in one of the Naked Gun comedies, where the leading guy is disguised as the umpire or something. That may get overlooked because it is not a baseball movie, but it could be relevant to your research.

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