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Will "bakelite" handles on flatware get yucky over time?

Asked by sarahsugs (2898points) January 20th, 2008

I am worried these will either erode/crack from dishwasher or break off. This flatware would be a wedding present and I want it to last for years and years.
It’s the one called Lambert.

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Yup. Yucky if you are referring to becoming discolored and cracked. They still work, until they crack and fall apart and all of ours did after several years. Maybe you should go with stainless steel and a good over mitt for cook ware and I doubt the spoon will get so hot at the handle it would burn you! Just looked at the link:

(Lambert espresso spoon, A charming addition to small serving dishes as well as to your sugar bowl or coffee cup. Brushed stainless steel with bakelite handle.
Price: $12.75)

It is up to you, I wouldn’t go this way and I think it’s the dishwasher that ruins the bakelite. Good luck!

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I didn’t even know Bakelite was still in production.
I have a collection of it from WW ll era, and I can tell you definitively that it was degrade over time, probably quickly if put into regular use and subjected to modern dishwashing.
We recently got a carving set. The hone hadn’t been used and was the original bright yellow. The knife and fork were caramel colored from use.

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