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Ok, Native American people. What sons of Noah (Shem,Ham, or Japeth) did they come from?

Asked by seVen (3472points) September 8th, 2009 from iPhone

From what is known
Shem = Semitic peoples
Ham = African peoples
Japeth = European/Asian peoples

What about the Native Americans ? If what history books say is true that they crossed from Asian continent to North American is right than they come from same as Euro/Asian peoples = Japeth?

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Isn’t that story used as support for racism in that Ham was cursed and the father of the African peoples, which explains black people’s inferiority?

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Exactly the reason I wouldn’t give this question a serious answer. It is too fundamentally flawed by assumptions.

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But it was a nice attempt @seVen.

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From the same people that the mighty Annunaki created as a slave species to mine gold; humans.

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What in the hell… Seriously?

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Geez people thanks for help.

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Actually that model is terribly off. Europeans hail from Shem. What was once the Israelite race is what now makes up the various Caucasian peoples.

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@seVen – I think this is a rhetorical question. I think this because there are a number of flaws in this. The first is: you’d first have to accept the Biblical “family tree”. I’m pretty sure Native Americans don’t care whose son of Noah they supposedly come from. The next flaw is that the writers of the Bible had no knowledge of the Americas, so they naturally would not come up with a son of Noah for the Natives of that land to be birthed from. The third flaw is that if you believe in evolution and what anthropologists consider to be the chronology of the human race, we all came from Africa, which would lead us (in a Biblical sense) to all be from Ham.

But I digress.

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Umm. Well, I don’t accept the premise of the question, so I don’t have an answer. Your premise seems largely at odds with genetic, anthopological and historical fact.

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@SeVen:“From what is known,” by whom? Cite your research, please.

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I just love all of seVen’s questions. Keep asking them, buddy. :)

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After the flood, I thought that Mountain Lion, Coyote, Parrot, and Crow got together with Feathered Serpent and Tepeu they fashioned four new beings to replace those who were the beings of wood that caused trouble on the earth and so were drowned.

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I hate how people instead of answering the question chose to attack the assumptions made in the question. If you don’t agree why answer? It doesn’t help anyone if you just say that you think it’s a dumb question

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@jaketheripper Hate? You hate it? So you attack the assumptions of the answerer? Hmmmm.

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@jaketheripper, it is tiresome. Answer, don’t answer, or redefine the terms, but don’t whine and carry on about it.
Fluther hasn’t invented a PC filter, so a degree of ignorance or gap in common assumptions comes with the territory. It’s a question for a reason.

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@jaketheripper: It is hard to answer a question if I think it is based on misinformation or faulty reasoning.

“From what is known” is not attribution, in my experience.

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@Les, I agree with your sentiment more than I disagree, but Christianity does have a significant presence among NA cultures. Many pueblos/reservations have active Christian churches.

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Could you give us a little more background? I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. To my knowledge, nothing of the sort exists in our creation legends.

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@kevbo – This is very true. I neglected to consider that in my response. Still, in terms of actually answering the question, I say if Ham were the father of Africans, then he’d be the father of us all. Technically.

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This website says it was Shem.

Shem, Ham and Japheth got transmuted to Shemp, Larry and Moe.

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I figured Fluther was a place to learn new things, and that a post is not necessarily an answer to the question, but sometimes a question in and of itself.

And what about Inktomi the Wolf and his involvement?

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@yarnlady….as am I and ditto.

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@seVen did you mean to say IF
“Shem = Semitic peoples
Ham = African peoples
Japeth = European/Asian peoples”

because you said “From what is known”

that is definitely NOT a “known” FACT… that is actually not a fact at all….

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Ultimately we all come from Africa.

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I know I did

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Hmmm…Since Native Americans are a people of color that would cancel Japheth (The Gentiles/Genesis 10:2) Leaves Shem and Ham. As mattbrowne states, we are all from the continent of Africa until Nimrod the Cush/Ethiopian ticked YAH off (Genesis 11) and everyone was scattered to the land inheritances YAH designated. Doubt they could be Hamitic which leaves Shem.

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Biblically speaking, there are two main lines of Shem (In Gen. 10:21, Shem is called
“the father of all the children of Eber,” meaning the Hebrew people); and they are Peleg and Joktan.

Peleg, a son of Eber, is the ancestor of Abraham->Isaac->Jacob (the Israel).
Joktan is another son of Eber and had 13 sons. Bible doesn’t talk about family tree of Joktan after his first-generation lineage was recorded in Gen. 10:26–29).

Peleg’s lineage has more visibility in the Bible because it led up to
Abraham. And Peleg migrated to Babylon because his descendants dwelt there
(including Abraham, Gen. 11); but Joktan did not go with Peleg into Babylon, instead he chose to go east towards orient.

The separation of Peleg’s clan and Joktan’s clan made two Hebrew peoples,
the Western Hebrews of western Asia and the Eastern Hebrews of eastern Asia.
Most nations of eastern Asia have Hebrew ancestry; and they are from Shem lineage.

And to answer your question now…Native Americans migrated from eastern Asia through the bridge that used to connect Syberia/Russia and Alaska. Hence, they would be from Shem lineage.

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DEUTERONOMY 32:8 “When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam,..”
ECCLESIASTES 4:16 “There is no end of all the people, even of all that have been before them…”

Sons of Shem

1. ELAM so called East Indians, Genesis 10:22 & I Chronicles 1:17.
2. ASSYRIANS so called Kurds, Genesis 10:22 & I Chronicles 7.
3. SYRIANS so called Syrians in Syria, Genesis 10:22 & I Chronicles 1:17.
4. ISHMAEL so called Arabs, Genesis 16 chapters, 17:18–20 and I Chron.1:28–31.
5. MOAB so called Chinese, Genesis 19:29–38.
6. AMMON so called Japanese, Genesis 19:29–38.
7. EDOM so called white people, Genesis 25:19–34 & Genesis chapter 36.
8. ISRAEL so called Black, Hispanics, Native Americans, Genesis 29:32–35, 30:1–20,24, 41:50–52 & 49:1–28, Deut.28:15–68, Joel 3:1–6
Sons of Ham

9. CUSH so called Ethiopians Genesis 10:6–12 & I Chronicle 1:8–10.
10. MIZRAIM so called Egyptians-Watusis Genesis 10:6,13–14 & I Chron. 1:11–12.
11. PHUT so called North Africans Genesis 10:6 & I Chronicle 1:8.
12. CANAANITES so called South Africans Genesis 10:6,15–19 & I Chron. 1:13–16.
Sons of Japheth

13. GOMER so called France Genesis 10:2–3 & I Chronicle 1:5–6
14. MAGOG so called Russia Genesis 10:2 & I Chronicle 1:6.
15. JAVAN so called Greece Genesis 10:4 & Chronicle 1:7.
16. ASHKENAZ so called Germany Genesis 10:3 & I Chronicle 1:6.
17. TARSHISH so called Spain Genesis 10:4 & I Chronicle 1:7.
18. KITTIM so called Italy Genesis 10:4 & I Chronicle 1:7.
The people of Japheth when you read Genesis 10:2–4 would be known today as the Hawaiians, Filipinos, Indonesians, Polynesians, & The Aborigines of Australia, also the natives of New Guinea , Tahiti, & the Samoans. They were pushed out of their land located in Europe, around the 8th Century B.C., by the Greeks and Romans. Today Greece, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, & France are inhabited by so-called white people; whose forefathers stole Japheth’s land. To prove this read: Genesis 27:38–40, Daniel 7:7 & 2:40, St. John 10:10, Job 9:24, Psalms 49:11, Deuteronomy 27:17 & Proverbs 22:28.

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Interpreting biblical passages “according to the bible” is circular reasoning.

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@Yakiyn_Simeon_Ben_Israel Welcome to Fluther! Can you share the source of your interpretation?

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There are a number of theories. Noah is attributed with two additional sons outside of the Bible. Sceafa fathered the northern Europeans, Yonton (aka Bouniter, etc) fathered the Chinese and his descendants may have continued on to the Americas. Mormons make them out to be of the lost tribe of Menasseh, principally. The Aztecs are attributed to Naphtuhim, son of Mizraim (Egypt), son of Ham. Joktan is attributed the East Indians and his son Ophir is attributed Australia or South America, among other possibilities restricted to India and Arabia. Shem’s son Arphaxad is attributed a son in the New Testament named Kenan, attributed peoples east of the Sarmatians and is the best candidate. However, each patriarch from Shem to Nahor (Abraham’s grandfather) are said to have fathered additional sons and daughters. This means the tribes of Selah, Peleg, And Reu are all possible.

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