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Ok...I like chubby boys. Is this normal?

Asked by Repo_the_Genetic_Opera (430points) September 8th, 2009

I like chubby boys. They are adorable, and it’s just my type I guess…but I feel like this isn’t normal. I feel like it’s sick or something.

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Ive had a few girlfriends tell me that wanted me a little more on the fluffy side. So no, its not strange at all.

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What is normal? At least you are dating within the same species.

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Are you male or female and what is the age of the boys relative to yours?

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Nothing wrong with that! You just like what you like.

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You like what you like. I have never been attracted to very skiiny men. My husband often loses more weight than I want him to. Not sure what “chubby” means? Like if the guy is 5’11” is he wearing a size 34 waiist or 40?

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Just because society says. “Thin is attrative” doesn’t mean it’s true. Me personally I can’t do the chubbies. If I can’t touch my elbows easily when hugging the person… well you get the point. Although, everyone is different. If it feels right, it is right. I’d say continue living life as though it’s not questioned.

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Don’t worry about what is ‘normal’. It seems you know what you like, so go for it. I don’t find it odd. I know men who are attracted to heavier set women.

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It depends how you mean “boys.”

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hey by all means, I have a thing for women with full orthodox Jewish beards, no one really gives me too much crap for it.

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You like what you like.
I don’t like too chubby, unless they are babies. (not saying I’m attracted to them, just saying…) but if he’s way too skinny I don’t like. Mostly happens to be tall people.

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Lots of girls like guys that have bellies. When I met my wife I was a string bean, over time I got a belly. Lately I’ve been running an my wife asked if I could “slow down on the cardio” so that my belly doesn’t go away.

So either you and my wife are both loons or it’s completely normal, I lean toward the later.

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Norms of attractiveness come and go like fads. Stoutness was once the sine qua non of manly attraction. Look at a Peter Paul Reubens painting to see how zaftig the feminine ideal once was.

In the meantime, there always was, as my grandmother would say, a pot for every lid. People found one another attractive outside the normative fads, and never worried what anyone else thought.

I’m sorry you are forced to wonder whether it might or might not be “sick” for you to just relax and follow your inner urgings. There is no right or wrong, sick or well about human attraction. It is what it is. Enjoy. It’s a short life.

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Everyone likes different body types, heights, etc. I don’t see any reason to feel that this is strange.

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I am sure there are plenty of chubby boys who would be thrilled to hear you say that.

People’s tastes vary all over the map, and isn’t that a wonderful thing?—because so do people.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 – lol!

I don’t specifically look for chubby boys but I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I had a boyfriend that was more bones and a little muscle and quite frankly it’s not always comfortable. I’ve also been with the “big kid” and sometimes it just gets too… hot (in a dorm room, the less you have to sleep on top of each other in that little twin bed the better).

I think it all depends on the person- the kid I dated that was chubby didn’t care and had the sexiest confidence, but dating scrawny pieces of sticks makes me feel like the man sometimes or less feminine that I’m not the “smaller” one. I like the middle of the road just fine.

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And I always thought it was the uniform

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It’s not “sick” to like chubby guys. You’re perfectly fine :)

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I’m really turned on by skinny guys. Some people might not agree with me on that and thats ok because It means more for me!

Do what you like your the one that decides.

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Heh. I think that curvy women are beautiful (and quite sexy). :)

Nothing wrong with it atall.

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I like men with eye liner. :) Is that normal? Who cares. If it makes you hot, it makes you hot.

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Husband adds, “No. You are only allowed to like people that have a body type sponsored by corporate spokesdroids and used heavily in advertising. Individuality is NOT ALLOWED!” :D

(Mmm, the smell of sarcasm in the evening.)

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Not at all. Perhaps unusual, but there is nothing wrong with it.

I’ve only been with one guy (and married him too!). He’s not fat, but he has what I would call ‘protective covering’. He is muscular, but its hidden with a tad bit of weight he can’t lose (and he’s a Marine that runs 5–8 miles a day as well as does other crap too, so its not for lack of trying).

Honestly, I like it. There really isn’t a lot of ‘chubbiness,’ but there is a little. It feels soooo much better to hug him than I’d imagine it would to hug a skinny/hot/whatever dude. He’s my 6’ teddy bear! :P

I’ve never really been turned on by appearances though (from either gender). I consider someone hot or sexy when they make me feel that way, and my husband is the only one who’s had the chance to. :) I suppose you could say I don’t really have a type.

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@Darwin, if a zebra dates a donkey, is that still within the same species? just in case I meet a sweet burro some day.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra you won’‘t, they’re all jackasses…

badda boom.

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I have a friend who likes chubby men, but is dating a skinny young boy instead. I keep telling her she should dump him for me. Instead, she tries to feed him so he becomes like me. Go figure.

And I’m on a diet in the meantime, but now that I met Repo I might reconsider…

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Sorry to be so pedantic, but I am a biologist

Zebras are Equus quagga, Equus zebra, or Equus grevyi.
Donkeys are Equus africanus asinus.

Same genus but not the same species. Offspring are possible but would be sterile. In your case, the kids would be known as Zonkeys, which could be most unfortunate as other children are cruel.

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wow, I didn’t know zebras were close enough to donkeys to have offspring. Just read your link. Is this for real? Zonkeys and Hebras and Zorses? Are there also Dobras?

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@Jack79 I don’t even think donkey’s can breed. I think they’re inbreeds. Just something I heard or read somewhere.

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I’m still trying to figure out why people would pay good money for this. :). Huh?

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Zonkeys and Hebras and Zorses oh my.

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@Axemusica – Donkeys can breed just fine. It may be mules you are thinking of – they are a cross between female horse and male donkey and are usually sterile as a result of mismatching chromosomes. Things are close enough that sperm and egg can get together and form a baby mule, but reproduction doesn’t work. When you cross a male horse and a female donkey you end up with a hinney.

@Jack79 – Yes, it is for real. All are in the genus Equus and are close enough genetically that cross fertilization is possible although fertile offspring rarely result. It can also happen in other groups of animals including cats, dogs, pheasants, dolphins and bears

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@Darwin ah, yes, that’s what I was thinking of.

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Here’s a throwback for you
Whatever happened to him anyway?

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I always tell my husband that I like him with a little more meat on him.. :)

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@SeventhSense – Stuart Goddard, aka Adam Ant, is still hanging in there. He had a solo career, did some acting, was hospitalized for hypomania for a while, published an autobiography in 2006, was awarded the Q Music Icon Award, and is planning a new album.

He doesn’t wear so much make up any longer and doesn’t seem to dress like a pirate these days.

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OMG. I love Adam Ant xD
I’m fifteen and I adore him.
So why is it people tell me I was born in the wrong decade? I wonder…

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Maybe if he had a little hyper mania he could have staged a comeback.

Repo_the_Genetic_Opera's avatar

He’s so man-pretty xD
I love his music too<3

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Wow, I asked almost the same question. At least you didn’t get flamed by the buttfaces I saw on a different thread, there are so many Hansel and Gretel jokes….

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