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Where can i find good bias free statistics on gun support?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) September 8th, 2009


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@kibaxcheza that would be Pro gun though, wouldn’t it?

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@Axemusica Agreed. The NRA has a strong bias.

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thus why its called a joke. But in all honesty, i doubt it exists…. everyone puts their own spin on things now a days.

my best guess would be

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The major polling organizations who have nothing to sell but their neutrality and accuracy do polls on this subject all the time. Look for Gallup, or Quinnipiac, or any other respected pollster.

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The Pew Research Center has been doing periodic surveys on attitudes towards guns since the early 1990s. Their survey asks adults whether it’s more important to protect gun owner’s rights or to control gun ownership. This year, there was an uptick in the support for gun rights, to 45% vs 49% for controlling guns. Most of the shift was among men. 57% this year for rights, 38% for control. Women stayed about the same as last year, 30% for rights, 64% for control.

I think Pew is considered a pretty reputable organization, although I try not to get get sucked into conspiracy theories on either side of the political spectrum.

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You might check with the FBI. They should have those stats. It can get muddy sometimes especially the child killings where those thugs who are just short of the age of 18 that belong to crime gangs get capped and are counted as children, because technically they are in the eyes of the law. It’s very deceptive for those who are agenda driven to use those figures.

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