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Installing Winodws XP on an old Ubuntu computer?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) September 8th, 2009

So I have this old ubuntu desktop ( ) and I want to put windows xp on it ( ) and when i turn on the computer it doesen’t boot into the XP setup. I don’t know how to install xp! (if this helps )

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Did you try going into the Bios and setting it to boot from the cdrom?

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@Axemusica How to I get to BIOS?

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usually when the boot screen comes up it prompts you to press a key to enter the bios. Usually an F button, but I’ve seen delete too. Once in there, there’s an area that says boot from and you change that from hard disk to cd rom.

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im having a similar problem with a ubuntu comp to get win 7 on it. I did however go in the bios and make it boot from cd first, but for some reason it wont boot from it. I know its a working disc as i put it on my laptop as well so unno.

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@uberbatman I believe there’s a priority you need to set, otherwise I haven’t a clue, lol.

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On newer Dell’s you can get to a boot menu by hitting F12. If that doesn’t work, F2 will bring you to the BIOS setup where you can change the boot order. F10 is a possibility for other makers, like HP and Compaq. For home brew systems DEL usually does the trick.

Vista and Windows 7 come on DVD, not CD, so if you only have a CD-ROM you won’t be able to boot from them.

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@Axemusica yea, it is set. Its odd it will say its going to boot from cd and then when it comes time to do that, it just skips it lol.

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@uberbatman I believe there’s a way to force it into doing so, but I can’t remember how to, since I haven’t done this type of stuff for years.

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ah well. I think i actually fried the mobo. I shut it off when i was fuckin with it, and then went to turn it back on and nothing.

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