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What, and become a digilante?

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It is fun, absolutely, but also a lot of work. Most of these scams are based in Africa and Europe so true legal retribution is often not the end game, at best you could look to expose their scam online and try to fish for the next.

Give it a shot, but be careful and don’t get too wrapped up in it.

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It seems like it takes a lot of time, and for what? Can you scam the scammer? I’d rather do something more productive.

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@daloon like fluther the flutherer

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I do from time to time. Get them all thinking they have convinced you to send them money.
Then give them a fake western union number.

I like to believe they walked down to get their cash. Only for find out it was bogus.

I have had one, after I got them to level with me as to who they were. Pick my brain for how to be a better scammer. lol

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Yes! I’ve done it and had lots of fun making the idiots dizzy and wasting their time. Pissing off a 409’er can be hilarious fun. There are websites that help with ideas on how to make it even more fun. You can get them to dress up in ridiculous outfits and send you their pictures.. ha ha!!

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I love to read the stories at 419 Eater, my favorite story has got to be The Tale of the Painted Breast. But I don’t have the balls to try this.

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Yea, I’ve done it. It is fun, but too time consuming.

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The world needs more people like you guys. I don’t have the nerve or the skills to do it.

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This sounds awesome.

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Hello, my name is Mumbasa Urugu and I have serious business proposal for you.
Send me all your money.

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I don’t see why anyone would want to spend their free time working in a futile effort to bring down internet scammers when not participating in their scams is the most effective way to combat their tactics.

The passive strategy is much more effective than the aggressive one in this case.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic But it’s fun. and i can’t stop other people from falling for their wiley ways except to distract them

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Every minute of time the scammers waste with you, they are not taking money from vulnerable people, just like @jaketheripper just said. It kinda feels good to dish out a little karma sometimes.

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It’s fun

setup a NEW gmail account and have at

or play on the darkside—not approved by eater—and get your mugu to burn some money paying to receive boxes of bricks and the like

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