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Which is it? Bless The Fall or Blessthefall?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) September 9th, 2009

I’ve been having this discussion with a friend of mine and we’re like which is the real and official name of the band. Is it Bless The Fall or Blessthefall?

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Blessthefall. (did someone sneeze?)

Though such band-name shenanigans always bring me back to an ongoing topic among my friends- which bands need their appending articles, and which ones don’t, and which ones should not have one, and what they would be if it was different.


Beatles – some kind of experimental electric band? vs The Beatles.

The Black Sabbath – Post-punk indie folk, like The Mountain Goats vs. Black Sabbath

Who? – ironic grrrl rock. vs The Who.

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As I was going to say before the others beat me to it, it is blessthefall according to their album covers. Apparently no capital B.

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@Darwin Yea, no capital. It’s just a habit I have to capitalize. A good habit for grammar, I guess.

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Oh! For a second I thought you’d meant The Fall, and I was going to say, “Well done! That’s a great band!”

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