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Should corporations be able to make campaign contributions?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2992points) September 10th, 2009

Should we let them invest in our elections, or is it discriminatory not to let them spend their money how they see fit?

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Corporations should not only not be allowed to make campaign contributions, but they should not be considered individuals in the eyes of the law. They should not have the rights of individuals. They aren’t people, even if they are organizations of people.

This whole thing makes me feel really creepy. The Supreme Court case, I mean. If they are looking for a precedent to overturn, they should consider the one that made corporations into individuals. Yuck!

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No. What is a corporation? Whose interests does it serve or represent?

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@daloon – I was going to come in here and say the same thing. You phrased it differently than I would, but I agree with you 100%!

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absolutely not. that is vote buying in its purest form. It should be outlawed.

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@daloon Maybe if they pass the unlimited donations thing, people will get outraged enough to try to repeal the whole damn thing?

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Nope. They should stick to PACs and golf junkets.

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@benjaminlevi Repeal what whole damn thing? At this point, it would take a constitutional amendment to remove citizenship status from corporations.

The one thing that makes me not worry so much about unlimited campaign contributions is the knowledge that corporations have widely diverging interests.

I wonder what this would do to lobbying rules.

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