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Is there an equivalent to for storing text/items other than bookmarks?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) January 21st, 2008

Probably, the most obvious that comes to mind is Yojimbo, but I’d like to find something web-based, or at least multi-platform. And of course, free is nice.

Side question: what genre software would that be? Social information organization?

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@n3l1t4: kewl! And bonus points for finding an app that shares a name with one of my fave TV shows.

@bob: thanks to you as well! It’s good to have choice!

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@bob: Looks like Google Notebook might just be the winner for me. The ability to tag/label is a key feature I’m looking for, and I don’t see that ability on (although it is kind glitzy cool Web2.0).

GN doesn’t support Safari… but I bet that’ll change soon enough, what with Apple and Google so cozy these days.

Thx again!

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