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How much do i need to eat in the morning to start my metabolism?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) September 10th, 2009

I hear that you should eat breakfast to start your metabolism among other things. But i hate eating breakfast. How much do I need to eat to get the desired effects? A Denny’s grand slam or a cup of yogurt?

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A little more than just a cup of yogurt and a little less than a grand slam breakfast. Perhaps a bagel with cream cheese and lox

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I have the same problem; generally I don’t like eating breakfast (and I don’t like traditional breakfast food at all). Lately, though, I’ve been eating lentil soup in the morning and it seems to be working. You don’t have to eat that much, but something more than just a little snack.

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I don’t remember the source, but the suggestion I took down was 25% of your daily calories, including protein and Vit. D ASAP after waking.

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Being bolted awake by my alarm and the mini cardiac arrest that ensues kick starts mine :)
I’ve just never been a huge breakfast eater, and usually have to wait about an hour before I can eat anything. Same goes for coffee. One tip I can offer is for your first food intake to include complex carbohydrate + protein. It’s a sure fire way to nourish your body and give it energy over a sustained period. That’s why I love having pizza for breakfast!
@DominicX ~ ever try rice + lentil soup? yum!

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@mcbealer That’s the best way to eat it. :)

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wait a minute
Pizza for breakfast?!

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@teh_kvlt_liberal ~ oh yeah… especially on a crisp sunny morning in the fall/winter before a nice hike

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Fruits and a walk.

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My nutritionist has me drinking one glass of milk, a sausage link and one very lightly buttered slice of whote wheat bread when I first wake, then two hours later, a cup of yogurt or a boiled egg, with several slices of fruit and a second sausage link if I want.

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Breakfast should be the biggest meal of your day. After a period of 10–11 hours without food, your body needs extra calories to stave off the starvation response (which makes your body burn muscle and hold fat).

If you can handle it, your meals should get smaller as the day progresses. I’ve personally had a lot of success doing this.

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I usually go for a good cereal stocked with lots of fiber. Filling foods are important when starting the day. They’ll keep you going for hours.

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I’d suggest a bowl of oat meal, preferably the steel cut or whole variety-I doubt you want to deal with that. Then, a poached egg with a slice of whole grain toast-still to much work. Try a slice of quality bread or toast with almond or peanut butter. Still to much work, then try vegetable juice with non-fat yogurt w/o corn syrup or sugar, ie Stonyfield, Kefir. Lastly eat a can of sardines and pickles, you will get your EFA’s and your enzymes-just kidding. Last resort, gobble down a bowl of Count Chocula..

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@YARNLADY, that sounds delicious!

I dislike eating breakfast, because it usually makes me nauseous in the worst way.

Normally, I have a big cup of coffee. It’s made with lots of milk (protein + a little fat) so that’s my wakeup call.

When I am hungry in the morning (happens on occasion), I like a bowl of cold cereal that’s fiber-rich with lots of milk. (I like Quaker Toasted Oat Squares, Kashi Go Lean! Crunch, and Multigrain Cheerios.)

Or there’s always my mom’s favorite: something on toast. It varies, but it’s usually an egg (with cheese for extra protein), or peanut butter, or an avocado. (Avocado on toast with salt + pepper is delicious, more so if you put some lime juice on it!)

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@evegrimm I lurve avocado, but never thought of it for breakfast.

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@YARNLADY, my mom actually picked it up from a co-worker who is Chilean—from what my mom’s told me, it’s common to use avocado as a sort of “green” (haha) mayo substitute. And it’s delicious for breakfast. I like that it’s got fat in it, and if you have it on whole-wheat or 9-grain, it’s got lots of fiber. I stay full for hours!

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Your metabolism never stops. You even burn calories while you sleep. If you want to lose weight, I suggest you don’t worry about metabolism; there are too many myths regarding it, and it isn’t properly understood. Just cut your daily calories until you are losing weight.

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I loved it, and I forgot about avocado, and I also added a slice of fresh tomato.

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Scientifically none. You metabolism will use glycocen and fat. If you don’t want to lose weight it’s good to eat a healthy portion of breakfast. You can also do it at 10 am.

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