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What specific animal act is most needed in your life right now?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38922points) September 10th, 2009

First off, this isn’t about sex so sex isn’t the answer well it is sometimes, but not to this By animal act I imply any act that any animal does…is it most essential now for you to hibernate like a bear for a season…is it maybe necessary for you to fly like an eagle…do you perhaps want to shed your skin like a dragonfly…or move slowly like a snail…

for some reason, at this very moment, I feel tired and solid and protective like a lion…

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I would like to be all calm and collected like a cat. Self-confidence and prowling.

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i wish someone would take me for a walk.

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Nesting. This happens every time the weather changes to just a bit of cool and clouds appear. I turn much more affectionate, snuggly even and I begin to want to do things like sleep in, bathe together, groom my partner, tidy up and make nice our little spaces. That sort of thing.

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I am about to shed the bit and harness and run free. I may be too old now to win races and clear high hurdles, but I can get up enough speed to feel the wind in my mane. If I ever wear a saddle again, it’ll be voluntary, and I won’t carry anyone I don’t like.

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

I need to fly like an eagle.

I know you’re thinking about that song after reading this

drdoombot's avatar

I need to be industrious like an ant. Y’know, get some shit done.

evegrimm's avatar

I’d love to be able to fall asleep like that <snaps fingers> the way a cat does.

Or, you know, just sleep all day—like a cat.

I’m having problems falling asleep. :(

YARNLADY's avatar

I would love to have some trained sea lions clapping and barking over everything I say.

Darwin's avatar

I would just like to be something or someone else. My husband goes in for surgery tomorrow at Oh God thirty to get a catheter placed in his shoulder for dialysis. He has to start next week. This was decided yesterday so I have been running him from doctor to doctor and lab to x-ray facility.

I will settle tonight for being a cat couch.

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Sleep. Just sleep.

evegrimm's avatar

@Darwin, my prayers are with you (even though I’m agnostic).

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I would like to be like a cat. I say this because I would like to cuddle up on the couch, and be loved, and held and just to know that somebody is there

Darwin's avatar

@evegrimm – all prayers gratefully accepted, whether to a deity or just the sky.

ru2bz46's avatar

After eating my big dinner, I just want to lie on a large warm flat rock in the sun to digest my meal as a snake.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@Darwin Evelyn is watching over your shoulder, and just might spread a smile in your direction. Watch for it. =)

casheroo's avatar

I think hibernating would be just fine. I think sleeping through pregnancy would be ideal for me. Oh, and the fact that I get to eat a ton of food would be a definite bonus.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

Hibernating would be nice, but then, who would do all the errands I have on my plate for the next two months? My attic won’t clean itself, and my halloween display won’t put itself up. I’m going to be busy as a beaver.

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Right now I’d like to be a dragon and incinerate whoever is clog-dancing in the apartment above me. Otherwise I would like to be a sloth, and do nothing all day.

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Why do these animal question keep popping up in my ‘questions for you’ area?

Anyways, I guess I’ll answer… I’d Howl at the moon like a wolf, to let my pack know that feeding time is coming, so be ready. >:0

YARNLADY's avatar

@Axemusica GoodAnswer Apparently the FlutherBot takes notes of which questions we answer, and feed “like” questions to us.

Axemusica's avatar

@YARNLADY hmmm, maybe it’ll give me more options as the same type of topics arise? Because so far, it’s only been animal ones.

YARNLADY's avatar

From what I have read, it also goes by the information you have on your profile in all three categories (biography, expertise, and interests).

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I would like to be like my pup, not a care in the world, life is a wonderful adventure and totally madly in love with the bone I am chewing on!

@Darwin – extremities crossed and positive energy coming at you.

Saturated_Brain's avatar

I’d love to be able to run over to someone and romp around him, showing that I enjoy his company. I’d also love to be petted on my head, tickled on my belly, stroked along my ribs and just have somebody tell me that they love me for being me.

Resonantscythe's avatar

I want to be like a penguin, and huddle together with someone.

YARNLADY's avatar

@Resonantscythe I like that mental image

mattbrowne's avatar

The human equivalent of purring when listening to some great music.

zephyr826's avatar

I need to stretch – you know that thing that cats (big and small) do when they get up from one of their many naps, where they arch their back and it elongates every part of their body. I am feeling too tense and compressed right now, and I need to stretch.

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@Darwin that IS difficult – we don’t expect 30 year olds to go on dialysis and dialysis…sheesh..that is hard to go through..stay strong, support each other, you’re in my thoughts

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I’ll just roll over, stretch and wait for someone to come rub my tummy, like my roommates’ dog does.

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I feel the need to hump like a rabbit.

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Exercise all day via playing with a stick and doin’ it all day via doin’ it. I SAID IT!

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic, thanks man, now I have that song and the rest of the Space Jam soundtrack stuck in my head.



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For those who want to know, surgery to place the permanent catheter went well, my right hand is cramping from signing consent forms, and he starts his first dialysis session tomorrow morning at 7:30.

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@YARNLADY I did have a specific person in mind when thinking that

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Ummm…I’m cleaning and clearing like crazy so that the painters won’t be shocked with the amount of stuff I have in the house when they come to paint in ten days’ time… what animal is that?

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@Velvetinenut – Sounds like anti-packrat behavior.

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<———My avatar keeps telling me that there is always time to fly. I’m not sure if he’s hinting that I should lighten up a bit or take a vacation. Doesn’t matter though because either one would work just fine for me right now.

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I need to be like the chameleon. I am undertaking some tasks that will require me to cosmetically act a part for my cause, then to reveal my true motives once they show interest. It is of such a profound importance that such a digression will be fine.

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@dannyc – You’re interviewing for jobs?

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I now have two children living 3,000 miles from me in different directions. I’d like to be able to fly like a (very fast) bird to see them.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind being a cocker spaniel who can sleep at any time since it is 5 in the morning and I’ve been up since 3.

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