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Is it safe to travel to Durban, South Africa?

Asked by AshlynM (9655points) September 10th, 2009

I hear there’s a lot of tension between races.

I’m Asian. I don’t know if they’d like me or not. Plus, I heard they don’t like tourists.

Any ideas?

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Oh yes – I was just in SA about a year ago – there are tensions, of course, and in certain areas, people shouldn’t travel the streets alone when it’s dark…but that’s more about being mugged

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Ok…I guess it’s just like any other country or strange place. You just have to be on your gaurd at all times.

Wasn’t sure if I should stay home or not. Thanks for your answer.

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@AshlynM for me, traveling is always worth it – depending on the area and your general instincts, you will learn how to manage the risk – enjoy!

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2010 World Cup is to be held in all the major cities in South Africa. 20,000 England fans are expected to go. Security will be massive and the advice is , to stay in the main areas and not to wonder around on your own.

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