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How can I edit videos on my blackberry storm?

Asked by valdasta (2139points) September 10th, 2009

I have video(s) on my Blackberry Storm that I would like to edit. How can I do this? Can I do it right on my phone? Do I need to have software on my pc to help me do this?

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I’m not sure about editing on the phone but there is video editing software that you can use on your computer. Depending on what your are wanting to do will determine which software you will need. If you are looking for basic trimming, adding titles, adding music, transitions, Windows Movie Maker will work.

Windows Movie Maker (free, and usually already on most Windows machines)
Sony Vegas (not free, but offers more functionality than WMM^ but might be harder to learn)

Final Cut (not sure if it comes preinstalled, if it’s free, etc.)

Also check out this list:
Wikipedia List of Video Editing Software

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Thank you. I do have WMM, just didn’t know it. This is my first pc and I have only been on the internet for about four months.

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I tried importing my video(s) into the WMM, but while trying to browse and double click on my video it would say “no matches found”. The sample videos that came on my Windows Media Center were transferable, but not my blackberry videos that were downloaded onto my pc. It recognizes the pics from my Storm…not the videos. What’s up?

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