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What are good and bad car rental?

Asked by life (72points) September 10th, 2009

How much does it cost? Can someone use a rental car, that will be coming from one state and just leave it there in another state? What are the oldest car model that still being used for rental? To the point that it will be funny if one uses it.

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Car rental agencies all have different policies about state to state. You have to let them know in advance what your plans are, and it costs a lot more if you don’t bring the car back to where you got it.

All the major rentals, such as Hertz, Enterprise, Avis and Budget use only newer cars. The so-called “Rent A Wreck” places that rent older cars usually don’t let you take them out of state, because they don’t have return agreements with other agencies.

For the cost, again, each agency has their own policy, but I would say from $50 at the low end to $150 at the higher end per day, which includes all the insurance.

You often have to make a very large cash deposit if you do not have a credit card.

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I have had good luck with Enterprise.

I have used Avis and Hertz no major complaints about them either.

the one way rental thing could be tricky, call around and see who will do it.

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The cars the larger agencies rent out will generally be no more than two model years old. You’ll have much better luck at a one way rental if you can drop the car off at a large airport. The basic rate (that which is advertised) will appear attractive, but once insurance and mileage (if not unlimited) enters the picture, the cost will easily double and probably triple on you. And fill the car with gas before dropping it off. If the rental agency fills it at their pump, the cost will be ridiculous. One more thing, prior to driving off: go over the car exterior and interior and make sure the agency rep notes all dents, scratches, tears and any other damage on the rental agreement, or you will be held responsible for them at your destination (and that’s another good reason to take the full insurance option). See ya….Gary/wtf

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One way rentals are not uncommon. You need to call around and get rates, which are based on length of time you need the rental, size of car, and whether it’s one way or not. Many cars come with GPS systems, and you can request that, too. They will offer you insurance for an extra fee, and we used to not take it because we were covered by our car insurance, but twice we were hit by other people in parking lots, and had to pay for damages; it’s easier to get the insurance they offer.

For most rentals, you have to be age 25 or older. We’ve used Enterprise and Budget a lot and have been very happy with both.

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The oldest cars will likely be found at Rent-a-Wreck.

That said, don’t expect any jalopies… the corporate stance is that they just have a funny name and that their cars are just as clean & safe as any other.

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Thanks you guys!!!

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