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What's your favorite scary movie?

Asked by amazon (44points) January 21st, 2008
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The Exorcist. No contest.

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“The Mysterians” 1958? Had nightmares for years. we were so sheltered then———

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Days of the animals I was like 10. I guess its what you are scared of

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Idle hands. not really scary but its an awesome movie non the less.

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I like Hong Kong vampire movies.

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Nearly any zombie movie. 28 Days Later rocked my world.

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I absolutely loved John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. I had heard nothing but excellent things about the film for many years, and finally just last year, I actually sat down and watched it. Amazing. The visuals that are “X” years old, still were able to captivate and horrify me. Plus, the story’s fantastic, and through the direction, you feel as if you, the viewer, are trapped in the same location where all the terror is taking place.

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Silence of the Lambs and Psycho (the original).

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The Shining ftw

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Shallow Grave. Not conventionally “boo” scary, more of a psychological thriller. 3 average people mentally unraveling over the course of the film.

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I personally thought Cat Woman was pretty scary…

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Psycho has to be the best scary movie classic. Also, even though I never saw it, my daughter claims The Blair Witch Project is the most terrifying movie ever!

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The last few minutes of Blair Witch Project is pretty spooky. The rest is just a lot of shaking and panting, IMO.

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When I was little is was terrifed by a Joan Crawford in a movie called Straight Jacket.
The original Night of the Living Dead was great too….

Nowadays, I wish i was scared more. I tend to laugh more, but am always ready to embrace my next favorite scary scene!!! I love to be scared.

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haunting in connedicet is my fav and it rocks

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