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What color to get on the Nissan Cube?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) September 11th, 2009

Help me decide on a color choice for the Nissan Cube.

I personally like the black, or perhaps the white pearl, or maybe the steel color.

Articulated arguments for/against any color are welcome, as well as personal opinion.

Also, it may be available in other colors but I am getting the base model, which is only available in:

Scarlet Red
Super Black
Chrome Silver
Steel Grey
White Pearl

and to the “it will get so dirty” argument: None of the colors seem to show dirt any more or less, my previous Nissan was dark blue and I never washed it once and it looked fine. Unless it is obvious mud, (which will show on any color) it takes a lot for it to be noticeable enough for me to wash it.
(feel free to correct me on this if you have greater insight)


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Steel grey or black. I like sleek-looking cars. And the red, you’ll probably pay more with your insurance if you pick red.

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Why buy such an ugly car. It is horrible

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@unit it is a company lease and I happen to like the way it looks :P

@AlenaD I don’t particularly care for the red but it will not affect the insurance because it is a company lease.

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This is a silly fun car…. I love the scarlet red FUUUNNNN! Also the steel grey is a nice 2nd…but black?? that belongs on a more sophisticated car, in my opinion.
If you are buying a “playful, fun” looking car , like this…go for it and have fun with the color… happy friday!

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I like it in Chrome Silver, but I’d have to see it in person.

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I’d get red and then paint black squares on it to create a giant cubist ladybug.

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blue and yellow majestic

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Not the black for that car. I usually love black, but for something like the cube, which is fun, not sophisticated, I lean red. I like silver and grey also though. I wouldn’t guess a company car would be a Nissan Cube, kinda cool.

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@JLeslie well my father works for Nissan so its not really a company car, its a personal car that is being leased through the company. My wife doesn’t want the black but I think it’s cool. Gar, so hard to choose.

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@patg7590 It’s a lease, you’ll trade it in a 2–3 years, so try not to stress. Get the black if you love it. Does your wife drive a separate car?

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I prefer the Steel Grey.

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@JLeslie it is a 12 month lease, and I will primarily drive it, but we will both drive it once she masters the manual! lol

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Just 12 months! Will she hate it in black? In marriage I think it wise not to do anything anyone is going to hate, but if she just has a simple preference get the black. Just a year afterall. But, some time in the future she gets her preference :).

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One of my friends has a black one, it looks nice; would be much better with some cool wheels…Personally I like the silver or steel grey.

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Any car looks better in black.

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Silver is very difficult to properly match in the event of a body repair.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv It is? I had my front end replaced on my silver ford twice, and it looks fine. Now I have an orange car and it’s a pain in my ass. Someone tried to fix a scratch on it before I got it, and it looks stupid.

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Usually, all other things being equal.

It’s possible your orange car wasn’t given as high a quality repair as your silver ford.

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hmm…it being a company car, all maintainence and repair is done right through a dealer that Nissan pays for, so wouldn’t they just use they exact, correct, matching piece?

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@JLeslie I dont think she’ll hate it in black. I will make sure though.

decisions decisions…

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we’re getting white…lol

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