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Do you wear or carry anything that announces your affiliations or enthusiasms?

Asked by Jeruba (45934points) September 11th, 2009

Do you wear your company’s name or logo, your school’s or favorite team’s insignia? Do you sport T-shirts that declare you to be fans of this or a member of that? How about tote bags from your art museum or umbrellas from your PBS station?

I’m not asking about signature merchandise such as shoes with an athlete’s name on them, or apparel that exhibits opinions, such as slogan T-shirts. I’m asking if you wear articles of clothing or carry accessories that mark you as belonging to, following, or being a fan or some particular organization, group, hobby, club, or team—even if you’re not (for example, if you wear a sweatshirt from your brother’s college).

If you don’t, do you consciously avoid it?

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I have a tshirt with robots on it.

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A USAT sticker on my truck.

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All my clothes are plain. No logos or designs unless they are band tee shirts. Or nifty things from threadless.

I usually wear Dickies or Ben Davis pants. They have tiny logos on them. My shoes are plain black.

edit :: why do I type the same word twice?

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Most of my clothes are plain, but I do wear Steeler jerseys on most game days. Otherwise, I prefer home made tie dye.

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Nah, i usually go with generic, plain t-shirts from Walmart and khakis and a plain black hat. You fit in almost anywhere here, even if people around you are dressed up (casually).

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This afternoon my ex-girlfriend’s little daughter put a tiny sticker of a rabbit on the top of my hand.

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I wear Stanford stuff all the time. Back when I was in high school, I wore high school logo wear and clothes from the track team. A lot of my shirts have brand names on them (Hurley, Quiksilver, Element, Aeropostale, the works). I don’t avoid anything like that. I don’t care about what’s on my clothes or what isn’t on them. I just get what looks good to me. I happen to like the look of a brand name or logo sometimes.

I know I must have some other organization-wear; I can’t think of much at the moment. I have a Google shirt that has the Google logo on the front and “I’m feeling lucky” on the back; my dad got it for me; people always compliment me on it. :)

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I have a fluther and a Buffy sticker on my car. I do not like to wear labels or do any sort of advertising. I do have a tinkerbell sweatshirt and petco and petsmart thingies on my keychain, but that’s about it.

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I have no stickers on my car, no sports tshirts or pants, nothing of that sort.
I do take memorabilia from places I visit with my family, something with the name of the city on it, or the attraction. But, those are usually magnets or something and I keep them all together.
My mother gets a lot of free things from the ASPCA, WWF, and Planned Parenthood, so she has things with their logos on them. Oh, and the company she works for…it’s a very large company.

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Not yet, but I will be purchasing a bitch shirt, asap.

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I own several Denver Broncos sweatshirts and can’t wait for cool weather so I can start wearing them again.

It’s not something I carry but I do have address labels that support the National Park Foundation.

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One of my gym shirts has a Columbia University shield on it. I wish I had bought more of their gear while I was attending.

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I have a few t-shirts from a community radio station in the area. I also have some political campaign T-shirts from local politicians. Although I usually don’t like to wear any kind of “logo-wear” if you want me to advertise your product you need to make it worth my while! I do have a couple of “Carhartt” t-shirts my wife bought for me when I was helping a friend with a construction project in the winter in the mountains.

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The closest I’d come to this is my backpack which has a few pins on it. One is a quote from Allen Ginsburg’s “Howl”, another is of a man shooting his shadow (which has it’s hands up) and another is a Barack Obama pin with an anarchist A drawn over it. The last one is a Shangri-La’s pin that I got with their greatest hits CD.

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I have a few band t-shirts, all from concerts, which I rarely ever wear.
Other than that, the only visible logo that I keep around is the Adidas thing on my socks. My shirts are plain single-color shirts, my pants don’t say “Juicy” or “FUBU”, my van has no stickers or other insignia on it, and my room’s walls are barren (My roommates have a few band/movie posters around the rest of the house though).

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No, I try to avoid any branding that shows outward but sometimes it’s tough like with sneakers or buttons on particular garments.

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I have a couple of pweination t-shirts

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I carry knives

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Every once in a while, I will wear a band T-shirt. I have 4 Beatles ones, a couple of Becks, an Of Montreal, a Futureheads, a Franz Ferdinand, a Doves, and a couple of Hives.

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I have a purple dog paw sticker on my back window for support for The Animal Rescue Site. It also helps me find my car since every other car is the same as mine.

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My car has an italian flag, a pennsylvania flag, 2 steeler logos, a denver, co & grand canyon stickers on it. I think they’re all justified. I also have some dollar signs, but those are just to be stupid.

I always wonder why I see people with a plain white t shirt on that says “hollister” and thats it. At Target you can buy 6 Hanes t shirts for $8 ish. And they’re soft and comfortable. And one hollister shirt is…$25? Maybe less if there is a huge sale. I just don’t see the appeal or sense.

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@deni GA for having my name on your car ;-)

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I wear band tees all the time, they make up ¾ of my closet space, my jeans have the Levis tag thing and my vans have the logo as all of them do.

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I am wearing my Fluther shirt as I type. I really wasn’t sure I’d wear it, but it turns out I quite like to. :)

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Oh! Shyeah, I wear mine often enough too! :D

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@augustlan I completely forgot about my Fluther t-shirt

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I wear matching MENSA head and wristbands.

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I like wearing my BPAL shirts, because I think they’re awesome, and underground. I’m also supporting a small company.

I tend to choose whether or not to wear a shirt based on the colors it’s available in. I know that sounds moderately shallow, but I look horrible in white. So I won’t buy a shirt I like if it’s only available in white.

I like the NeverWear shirts, because they proclaim my love for all things Gaiman.

I no longer wear my band shirts, but I used to. I also wear my CTSE shirt, because it’s something I had fun doing.

I also like many of the “fan” shirts from ThinkGeek, especially the Doctor Who ones and some of the less obvious ones, like the “Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” one.

In short, I tend to only wear affiliated shirts when I agree with or intend to support the company, or am a fan of whatever-it-is. (And it’s not white.)

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I have a bicycle chain as a keychain.

I also like to run around in my spandex and helmet for no apparent reason! <jk>

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Yes, I often wear a smile on my face :-)

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I sometimes wear clothing with my company logo, or the SF Giants logo, or the Hero Games logo. I also have a Hero Games license plate frame, etc.

However, I no longer publicly declare support for any group or concept that might be controversial. I learned my lesson about that. I used to have a Flying Spaghetti Monster car emblem. My vehicle was defaced (apparently due to the FSM emblem, since it had been torn off), presumably by some “Christian” offended by my poking a little fun at their fish, and who apparently must have asked themselves, “What would Jesus do if he saw something he disagreed with?” and come away with the answer “Vandalized their property, of course!” (eyes rolling)

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I now have a Fluther T-shirt. Well, OK, actually, I’ve had it for a while now. Thank you.

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I try to avoid wearing anything that shows a brand or something. Mostly I don’t have brand-name things anyway. I do have an Obama sticker on my care; does that count?

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@jeanna Bumper stickers are pointless… Why mar you car like that.

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