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Who would you take a bullet for?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) September 11th, 2009

Conversely, whom would you put a bullet into?

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That is two different questions.

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@chyna . . .I finally come back for awhile and _you- break my balls? sweet. :)

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Oh dude! You gotta know that I’d take a bullet for you in a heartbeat!

On the other hand, I’d never want to put a bullet into anyone, although I don’t know if I would be terribly sad if someone else put a bullet into a few people I could think of.

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@daloon . . .Like anyone who ends a sentence with a preposition?

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Depends where the bullet will land, and if it will kill me. Yes.
I’d never put a bullet in anyone else.

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1) Either or both of my kids.

2) Either or both of my kids. But only in my head.

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I would take a bullet for my family, but if I survive, and am able to find the person who shot me, you better damn well know that I will have intent. You don’t mess with my family.

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Sorry, but i have 2 different answers. And they may not make sense. I think if something happened in my office that a person came in with a gun and aimed it at my co-workers, I would hope to have the nerve to stand in front of the kid that is young, with a wfe, and a new child. Because I have none of those things. I don’t think my life is less worthy, I think his has more to give. I would put a bullet into any one that harmed my family.

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My child(ren). I really think I’d do it for any of my loved ones though, as an instinct.

I would want to harm anyone that harmed my family or loved ones. Especially if justice was not served.

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I’d take a bullet for my son.

I wouldn’t put a bullet in anyone – not even the person who abused me in childhood.
self-defense is, of course, another matter

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There were times I wish I could put a bullet into Dubya. But that would have unleashed an all-powerful Cheney on the world.

I probably would have taken a bullet for Michael Jackson, if only it was a bullet that killed him… :(

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First question: My wife and family, obviously. Second question: Most of the people I’d like to see dead are already dead, thanks to the law of averages, but there is one person I’d love to shoot. Not kill, just shoot, preferably right through the left knee so he could never walk, drive his tractor, or ride his Harley again.

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@drdoombot I was listening toMJ’s HIStory CD yesterday, and I had to take it out of the CD player, it was making me too sad.

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@Darwin . . .I am now completely and totally in lurve with you for that response. The best reply I have ever seen on this site.

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Any of my loved ones – family and friends – ‘cause they’re the same in my mind.

Pedophiles who were never themselves abused. They deserve to die.

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@Blondesjon Glad you liked it. It is entirely true.

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@Darwin Lurve. Did someone upset Mama Darwin tonight?

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@Darwin . . .You put something abstract that I have always felt into words. . .and it was a succinct answer. Bonus.

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I’m not putting a bullet in anyone.
I’m not intentionally taking a bullet for anyone either, though if someone was being attacked, I would intervene. If I got shot in the process, so be it. If I’m to be shot, I’ll be shot.

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I would take a bullet for my girlfriend. No one else. I wouldn’t want to live without her.

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@casheroo – Actually today was pretty good because my husband had surgery so I didn’t see much of the kids. But yesterday…Oy! I got hit in the face with a shoe. A man’s size 13 shoe, and things went downhill from there. But then, he is bipolar.

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@Darwin Ah! I got hit in the head with a metal harmonica today. I thought I was going to explode. Thank god for time outs. You deserve a spa day. Being at a hospital is not a break :(

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@casheroo – But the nurse brought me a warm blanket so I could nap while they cut on my husband.

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I’d take a bullet for my little sister, my mom, my step-dad, and my adopted aunt (who, frankly, I love more than my mom).

There’s only one person in this world I’d like to physically harm, but it’s mainly irrational/blown out of proportion on my part, so kept to fantasy. I feel it’s bad juju to wish someone dead, so no one to the second question.

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I would take a bullet for my mother
And I’m going to be honest and say I would put a bullet to my grandma’s Son of a bitch husband not a fatal one I’m not a murderer just one good one in the leg…ok maybe two

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Capt_Bloth and my brother, I’d stand in front of. And I’d love to shoot my best friend’s waste-of-life SO, but it would make my friend too sad.

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If I had a child, I’d take one for them.
I have no desire to put a bullet in anyone.

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My sister. She has three kids and they need a mom.

My sisters three kids. I love them all and would die to save anyone of them.

I’m not going to touch who I would shoot.

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Depends, rubber, hollow core or double wad?

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@Garebo hollow point .357, point blank range, just under the patella and from the front.

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my immediate family, not much else. Hopefully it won’t be cheap, for the offender.

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I sense hostility.

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@Garebo just be glad it isn’t directed at you. =)

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there is know way you know where I live, but you could be a moderator with supernatural abilities to find out help!

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Definitly family and friends, especially my immediate family including/especially my grandad from my dad’s side.

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We only get one life, so I guess I owe it to myself to make it count. I don’t know who I would take a bullet for, other than my son. I’d like to think it’s a bunch, but that’s probably wishful thinking. Then again, I do a lot of stupid things.

Though putting a bullet in someone else, seem pointless. Though, I wouldn’t mind beaming some people off the planet. To some other galaxy.

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1) My wife and my son
2) The list of people without whom the world would be a far happier and better place is far too long to go into here, but my not being God, I would have to say the only person I’d put a bullet into was someone who was trying to harm me or my family.

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I’d take a bullet for family members and friends without hesitation. The only time I’d even consider putting a bullet into someone was if it was in the line of duty and it was a last resort in a deadly force situation. I’ve been lucky in over 20 years of law enforcement that I’ve never had to draw my sidearm and I hope it stays that way for the rest of my career.

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I’d take a bullet for anyone.

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Oh and for your second question.. I can’t answer that question, because if they end up dead, I’ve made a written confession!!

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@Garebo you are in my Fluther, so you’re safe. I only add the people to my Fluther that I wouldn’t shoot in the knee.

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Thanking Evelyn that I’m in EVP’s fluther.

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I would take a bullet for pretty much anyone, except for a few prison guards I know who deserve to be shot. I wish I was big-hearted enough to include them too, but so many other people want them dead, it would be like donating your liver to an alcoholic.

Anyway, talk of this sort is pretty cheap. You never know what you will actually do until you get right down to it.

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The person I would shoot in the knee is a fantasy. The guy isn’t worth me having to go to prison for assault with a deadly weapon. Besides, the dumb SOB will probably piss off someone else, who will not give a damn and do to him what I only fantasize about. Guns are for hunting and self-defense, not for revenge, in my opinion.

The best revenge is for your enemies to end up looking ridiculous. The way things are going, that is coming, and I for one can’t wait to laugh at the dumbfuck when it does.

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I’d take a bullet for my parents, sister, brother, and husband.

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Chuck Norris.

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My children.
The President.
My country.

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Easy question: my daughter. Anyday, wouldn’t even think twice. And I wouldn’t take a bullet for anyone else, for the simple reason that I wouldn’t then be able to take it for her.

Who would I put a bullet into? The people that are harming her. I’ve counted six so far. I believe that’s what your regular pistol can hold.

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Probally to my family…:)

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Never been in a situation where I had to decide between my life and someone else. How would I know?

I would not put bullets in anyone (well maybe gently and if they were ok with it)

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Q1: My niece and nephew. Anyone that deserves to be kept alive.

Q2: This son of a bitch. He is the epitome of all that I hate.

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@Sampson – I wouldn’t bother. He’s the sort that down here in Texas we describe as not being worth the powder it would take to blow him to Hell.

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@Darwin It’d be all about the satisfaction of ending humankind’s misery.

Well, not the big stuff, but what one man can do…

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@Sampson I don’t know if I would put a bullet in him but he definitely gives me the creeps. I mean he has to know what a douche bag he is…right? Maybe not

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i think id take a bullet for anybody really, im just that kind of weird and caring person

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I had a female friend in college who wanted to be shot, just to know what it felt like. She didn’t want it to be fatal, just wanted to know what the pain felt like. She also wanted to drown and be recussitated, and I think she might have expressed a desire to be raped. Just thought I’d share.

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I was shot once. You can tell her it isn’t something you really want to have happen.

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I haven’t seen her in over 10 years, but if I ever do again, I would hope she’s grown up enough to know that it isn’t an experience to yearn for. If not, I don’t suspect being told it’s not a good thing would move her, she seemed to know it wasn’t a good thing, but wanted to experience the suffering first hand.

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@dalepetrie . . .or perhaps she fulfilled a lifelong dream and was shot by the fella who actually resuscitated her on accident by trying to rape her drowned body?

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I THOUGHT that was her on the news. though I didn’t expect the baby to get eaten

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i would take a bullet for my mom and i would take a bullet for the ones i respect oh and for any woman since i value them highly

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oh yeah almost forgot i would PUT a bullet in anyone who would physically harm a woman and i would put a bullet in anyone who threatens my country,family oh and 2 protect myself of course

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