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What are these color markers/pens called?

Asked by xTheDreamer (886points) September 11th, 2009

In this picture there’s a box of colored pens in the left corner:

What’s the brand of those color markers/pens called?
And are they actually color markers?
Because I don’t really know what they are called in English but we call those “stift” or “stiften”(plural) in Dutch.

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They might be Copics or Prismacolors.

As someone who is a friend of artists, as opposed to an artist herself, I cannot say for certain.

These look like what your picture is showing.

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@cyndihugs Yes, those are what we call “stiften” in dutch but I don’t know what they’re called in english. And I wanted to know the brand names of the ones in the picture.

@evegrimm Oh okay thanks, cause I’m looking for those kind in the picture.

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I have no idea, but I’m curious just because they look like they are perfect to color with and I’d like to have some.

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Those are Prismacolor

Heres their site

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@wenn I think you’re right. Prismacolor’s site looks like they’re if not the same very similar.

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So are these pens like many others , great for putting colour onto paper along with your hands while colouring ? I hate when i use pens of any kind , and they leach the colout from paper to my hands/ clothes

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@sandystrachan I don’t think they are like many others, it’s specially designed for drawing comic books/manga.

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def Prismacolors

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yea those are prismacolors no doubt, but they’re super expensive if you’re planning on buying them

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Yep, Prismas. Specifically, this variety.
Try to purchase them online to avoid the extravagant cost in stores.
For measure, usually a set of 12 costs around $30.

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