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Where can I find an ear piercing gun?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (936points) September 12th, 2009

I’m not looking to order one from the internet but if I have to I will. I’ve been looking at such stores like Meijer’s, and Wal-Mart but no luck. Where could I find one?

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Walmart has them where I live? Maybe a drugstore?

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All guns sound pretty ear piercing to me.

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As a word of advice: never use an ear piercing gun.

They are blunt instruments which end up damaging the flesh and producing more pain than is necessary.

When I got my ears pierced years ago, I went to a tattoo parlor. It was extremely sterile, with the needles in sterilized packaging and the piercer wearing gloves. Because of how sharp the needles were, all I felt was a small pinch in each ear and that’s pretty much it. They never hurt again and healed beautifully.

By comparison, ear piercing guns are barbaric. People get their ears pierced by these guns and then suffer through pain, inflammation, and in some cases, ear deformation.

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I only felt a small pinch when I had my ears pierced with a piercing gun. Mine didn’t hurt later either, and also healed beautifully. They’ve never closed up, in 10 years, even when I don’t wear earrings for months.

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I agree with @drdoombot. Ear piercing guns are hit or miss as far as infection and quality are concerned. Best bet is to always go to a professional piercer. Remember, it’s all they do for a living, not just a part of their job. They are professionals for a reason, and work in a much more sterile environment.

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Besides how many piercings do you need to break even with the cost of buying a special tool for it? This much?

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salley beauty supply

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hahaha I just want one to practice using one. I want to get used to piercing with a gun and also with needles.

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You can get the gun at Walmart for like $5.

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If you plan on being a piercer, I wouldn’t use a gun at all. Most piercers (myself included) are against piercing guns. 1. There is no way to properly sterilize them. 2. A gun forces a blunt object through the skin, damaging it. Where as a needle is so sharp it actually makes an opening for the jewelry. 3. Guns have a tendency to jam or lock, and as you are trying to pry it open to get it out you are damaging the skin. My personal advice, If you have an interest piercing. Go to your local tattoo/piercing shop and talk to the piercer and see if they are willing to take on a apprentice. If not you could still ask them questions. They will probably tell you to stay away from guns too. And piercings done with a needle heal MUCH faster and the risk of infection is much lower. Very interesting website on why guns are junk. Hope this helps!

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i would suggest getting it professional like at a tattoo shop. i have a piercing gun i got it from the local sallys u can buy the one clicks for 5 of the lifetime piercings for 100 but honestly its better with a hollow tip(professional piercing needle) because it take the skin out. a piercing gun just pushes the skin to the side and makes the healing process more painful and longer

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