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Is it odd that Fluther does not include dates on replies?

Asked by artemisdivine (1092points) January 21st, 2008

Frequently I wonder how old the replies are on posts. The only date I can find on questions/answers is in the question part. For example: asked 1 week ago Does anyone other than me find that odd?

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I also think that would be a good addition.

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This reply is actually from the future. I could prove it if only these answers were timestamped! Drat!

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Keeping it slim is a good thing imo. You don’t want to keep things unnecessarily cluttered. There isn’t any real reason for dates so why would the fluther gods add them.
oh, and separate your tags with comma’s. It helps the fluther keep on crankin :D

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thanks for the replies! sorry i am pretty new i did not know about the tags thing. actually i did not know i ever filled in tags lol. gosh i am out of it he he. i guess i am so used to EVERYTHING on the net having a date/time i am brainwashed.


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oh and btw i ADORE fluther. i know some people think my posts are too long but i just adore knowledge and the mods do a great job. i am really impressed with this site a lot.

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If it gets added, it would be best in the bottom right corner of the post – across from “Flatg as abuse” but all the way to the right side. That would keep it out of the way and uncluttered.

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I agree as well. fluther gods, please grant this request.

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