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Tips for virtual DJ?

Asked by Mrgelastic (513points) September 13th, 2009

I’m love messing around with virtual DJ, and I’ve done a good amount of parties that were awesome, but I’d actually like to get paid and i want to get really good. anyone have tips for a young grasshopper of a VJ?

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i’m starting out myself. Getting a controller would really make things easier. Check out M-audio, they have some good laptop controllers.
Also find out what genre you’ll be in to, really useful when you’re starting. Then expand from there. Even though I’m not much into house and techno and trance, its probably the easiest to mix with, so I’m starting out with that.
I have some more “research” and stuff, maybe i’ll answer again when i get a chance. Goodluck! :)

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protip: learn on turntables before going digi. i started years ago on CDJs and find myself wanting to de-evolve. looking to pick up some 1200s soon!

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I currently DJ the old fashioned way but after using Ableton Live (I’m on version 7) for production and realising it’s great timestretch function I started to think more seriously about digital DJing. I think I’m going to go with Traktor , however, now I need to decide between getting an Audio 2 DJ so I can utilise my existing mixer (as pictured above) or go all the way and get myself a Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition

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I’ve also got the long process of recording all my Vinyl to mp3 to look forward to

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