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What's the best miles-earning credit card?

Asked by beachwriter (361points) September 13th, 2009

I had a sweet deal going with my usual credit card—a mile per dollar, and I could use them for travel on any airline. Simple. Without notice they cut the reward in half: a mile for every two dollars. Which instantly lost my loyalty. I’d love to hear what cards you like for miles-earning potential.

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I have a gold American Express, and i get points that i can apply to hotels or airlines. They often run programs where if you buy at certain stores or certain products (groceries, gas, etc) you get double. And, i believe it’s 1 dollar = 1 point with them. If you go platinum (which they’ve offered, for a fee, of course), everything is double points, and you get a companion ticket when you buy a business class ticket.

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We use the Southwest airlines card for everything. I think for every $1000 you get a point and every 8 points its a free flight. Not bad for us because we use the card for everything then instantly pay is off. I like flying for free.

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I’ve been looking into this credit card. It’s offered by Chase, and offers some great rewards. You get triple points at Amazon, double points at restaurants, drugstores and gas stations, and regular points (1 for $1) elsewhere.

They offer gift cards, cashback and travel opportunities. (For the travel, they offer hotels, rental cars, round-trip airline tickets, money off an airline ticket, and points/miles for a specific airline. 5000 points—6000 British Airways miles.)

Obviously, though, this card would be best suited for someone who uses Amazon a lot. (I do.)

I think @willbrawn‘s card sounds like the best bet, if you have a Southwest near you, and you’re not interested in anything but airline miles.

Also, if you have a preferred airline, you might try checking their home page or affiliates—they might offer a credit card that does exactly what you’re asking for.

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I use my US Airways world Mastercard. I got to go to Hawaii with the miles. :-)

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