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Has anyone attended a 10 year reunion?

Asked by hetar_institute (21points) December 14th, 2006
...of any sort? too soon? fun? awkward? in a good way?
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The skinny about high school reunions is that at ten years people are still very competitive and there is lots of posturing. At 25 years, everyone has mellowed, lots of forgiveness about past injustices and hurts. So, it might be fun to go the tenth%u2014somewhat prepared, and then go again to the 25th, and see the changes.
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i hated high school. don't see any reason to test that theory.
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I went to my 45th in 2001 and it was just like being 17 again. Buzzing about who had had face lifts, colored hair etc. I did manage to collect two boyfriends from the event - easy since we had already been thru the awkward part - so I thought it was fun. Now I have a third possible bf from my class sending me emails. But I am embarrassed at the thought of the gossip in the boys' locker room. It is all a hoot if one is without a partner.
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My only suggestion for 10th is to go alone...much easier to pick up all the old friendships and animosities and petty jealousies w/o a partner w. you who wont know the history..Plus, I should add, even at my age, all the women went to Weight Watchers or on diets beforehand if they had plumped up since 12th grade. (As had most of us.)
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I have heard people say that at the 10th reunion all the women are pregnant! If they aren't pregnant...they gained weight and are pretending like they are pg. I went to my 20th and I without your spouse or partner...they will NOT have fun! It's fun to see who is NOW a nerd and who is NOW cool compared to back in high school!! Some of the super popular kids were now the losers with what they were doing in life! Life gets ya back, doesn't it?? I am waiting for my 40th and I will go in 2009!
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I could not get out of my high school fast enough, and when my 10th reunion came around, the people I would have gone to see were all on the “do you know where these people are?” list, so I didn’t bother. I don’t expect I’ll go to any of the future ones either.

College, on the other hand – I have missed only one annual fraternity reunion since I was graduated, and that was because I had seen a bunch of old friends on a trip the weekend before.

If there are people you want to see, go. If you’re not in touch with anyone from high school, and didn’t enjoy it then, you probably won’t enjoy hanging out with the same people 10 years on.

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Only once when i was down to make myself feel better.
Reminds you that you could potentially be worse off than you are.

It’s horrible, i know, but its true and pretty motivational.

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