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Is there a new standard temperature for heating pads?

Asked by hawky454 (3points) September 14th, 2009

I just bought a new heating pad and it doesn’t seem to be getting hot. The label states that it reaches the highest heat allowed by the National Recognized Independent Test Laboratory. Whats going on here? I need more heat.

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Hard to say, really. The NRTL reference is a little odd, as NRTL’s don’t actually specify codes. Anyway, the two UL standards to look at are:

UL130 (Electric Heating Pads)
UL 964 (Electrically Heated Bedding)

I don’t know what the content is, but they were updated in 2006, so you may be right. Around 2006 there was an article published in a medical journal about Heat Stroke from electric blankets, so this may have been the impetus for the temperature reductions.

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@bpeoples: Heat stroke from a blanket is completely acceptable. But unless you’re about 6 inches tall, or you’re smothering yourself with it, you’re not getting heat stroke from a heating pad… so if some moron lowered the heat on a heating pad, then… phooey on him :P

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