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Is there a Mac alternative to OneNote?

Asked by peedub (8677points) September 14th, 2009

Many of my law school classmates are using OneNote, a PC-only program, to organize their notes and other data. Is there a Mac equivalent, something with a multi-tabbed interface, like OneNote, which allows for multiple levels of organizations and the free-positioning of text/graphics/etc?

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Have you considered this?

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Unfortunately, no. You could try running a virtual Windows on your Mac (if your hardware can handle it).

The closest alternative is If it just had an extra level of division, it would be a perfect online alternative to OneNote.

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If you have Microsoft Office for Mac, MS Word has a notebook mode that is pretty handy for taking notes. I’m not familiar with OneNote, so I can’t gauge their similarities, but I would give it a look.

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There is an ad for it above… but check out omnifocus

Better than oneNote for many folks

edit: guess ads dont show when logged in…

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I don’t know if MacJoural would work. It has separate journals. Papers within those journals. You can have tabs open. Pull pdfs, quick times and a shit load more. It has a calendar integrated right into it.

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Thanks everyone!

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