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Can chorizo be eaten without cooking it?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) January 22nd, 2008

My friend wants to dice it up and put it in a salad.

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I would say no… cook it first.

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To my knowledge it is not okay. Raw meats are dangerous for you to eat.

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No, its pig parts raw,with a lot of really hot spices…Ewww

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Sure, if you want to get sick.

p.s. Check the label: lymph nodes, cheeks, and salivary glands.

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soy-rizo: mm-mm good! pre-cooked tofu and vegan (if you can find it)

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It depends on the type of Chorizo. European chorizo can be dried/cured and can be eaten as is, but chorizo that is not dried or cured must be cooked.

I’ve never had dried chorizo though, here in Southern California, the only chorizo I commonly see at hispanic markets is a soft uncooked beef chorizo that’s commonly mixed in with scrambled eggs or potatoes since it melts and combines very well.

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The correct question is, ”Should chorizo be eaten without cooking it?”

To that, the answer is NO.

Raw Chorizo = Raw Pork Sausage = Trichinosis

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I think it was the dried and cured kind. She ate it.

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I wasn’t looin for chorizo and i saw this question, i had a chorizo burrito this morning and i just paid for it with some serious toilet action

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You guys are funny. If it’s the cured Spanish chorizo it’s completely fine to eat without cooking. I’ve eaten it plenty of times with no ill effects. Just peel off the skin, slice it and enjoy all that meaty spicy goodness .. add some good bread, great olives, some white sardines and manchego and a good fino and the world is good. Yum.

It’s commonly eaten that way in Spain as well. Of course you can slice it and fry the slices too. That was all I knew as chorizo for a long time but then I had Spanish friends and it’s readily available here in Australia. I don’t even contemplate bothering with the raw sausages they call chorizo here.

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