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What are your unhealthy habits? What are you trying to do to change them?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) September 15th, 2009

What stands in the way of you making those changes?

One of my biggest unhealthy habits right now is not being able to pull myself away from activities when I really should eat or go to bed. I know these things are bad for my health, and yet, sometimes, I just don’t do it.

My wife is helping me, at least on the going to bed part. But I’m on my own at work. I tend to wait until I can’t ignore my hunger any more before I go to lunch.

I think that I’m using fluther as a sort of addiction. I enjoy interacting with questions too much. I enjoy the mental stimulation. It makes me feel good. It makes me forget there are other ways to feel good. Underneath that is a weakness in my desire to moderate my behavior. Sometimes I just wait until I crash before I change. As long as I can get away with it, I continue it.

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I loss my temper too freakin fast , doubt anything will change that . I really need to get out more and do more outdoorsy stuff , nothing really stops me apart from my damn sore bones .

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I smoke. And honestly, I’m not doing anything to change that right now.

My eating habits are unhealthy, and I am working to change that. I’ve joined Weight Watchers, and it has really forced me to pay attention to the nutritional value of what I put in my mouth. I’m blessed with a fast metabolism, but I’ve spent most of my life working against it. I’m trying to pay attention to what my body actually needs and it’s paying off in how I look and feel.

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Too much time in front of the computer! Tryin’ to go out and exercise as much as I can.

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Procrastination. I could teach a course on it, really. It gets me in trouble sometimes. To the point to where I’m scrambling to get something done and I’m stressed like you wouldn’t believe. It’s stupid, but, I really don’t know why I do it. It’s better than it used to be, though, because being a teacher you have deadlines that you have to meet.

Anyone understand that whole procrastination thing? Why people are like that?

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Pretty much all of my habits are bad, and I’m not really doing anything about it.

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I spend too much time online. I’m involved in too many things – I have two blogs, a tumblr, I have a twitter, facebook, then there is all the blogs I read, plus this site.

What am I going to do to change? Well, I’ve already cut down on the blogs I read. Instead of spending up to 8 plus hours online, I’m making myself cut the time down to 3 hours every day for rest of this month.

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Not doing anything all day. I’ve started making a set list of items to get done a day and it’s been really keeping me accountable for being more productive so that when I do relax I actually feel good about having fun time.

Going to bed late so I am forced to take a nap between 4–6 which makes it so hard to get things done. I start school next week and I’m trying to get to bed earlier but it just never works out that way.

Eating very strangely. I eat at 2pm and 1am. I don’t eat healthy. It’s hard to improve on this when you’re dependent on someone else for your groceries.

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I eat wayyy to much fast food. It’s hard to stop though, I work out of my car and am on the run all day. I need to start packing healthy things to eat.

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I think my worst habit is giving up too soon. If something is difficult, or I just plain don’t want to do it, I give up. I think this is the main reason I still have no true career (not that I need one) and the reason I have never been at one job more than 2½ years. I need to learn the value in sticking through the hard times, instead of valuing the path of least resistance. Any suggestions?

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I eat too many products with bad, white carbs. I don’t eat enough vegetables.

I procrastinate, too, giving in to self-sabotage and “fear”, at least when it comes to goal-setting and career stuff. I “believe” that I am too incompetent and untalented to start a film/TV production company where I produce my own scripts; that I’m just a big blabbermouth who’s never going to be a success, but is only truly qualified to be someone’s servant. So, even for day jobs, I’ve only been looking at receptionist and administrative assistant work, positions I’m overqualified for.

I guess Eckhart Tolle or some other self-help author would say it’s my ego what believes this stuff. My head tells me more positive things, like I’m strong enough and capable enough to create what I want in my life, but I’m not acting on it, and refusing to believe it enough to actually work toward it. That is unhealthy.

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My habit: drinking too many soft drinks.
Motivation to fix it: look at the fat on my stomach, get reminded by my husband at every meal that I haven’t drank any water all day, being pregnant!

I’ve done much better over the past few months!

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D) All of the above.

Don’t think I’m crazy but I’m trying to be honest here. I always tried to become a @Markyy version 2.0 by allowing a sarcastic little voice in my head talking condescending to me. Usually after two or three months this failed horribly and I stopped listening for a week or two, until I started feeling bad again. Repeat this for 10 years and see what it does for your self esteem.

Maybe me at v2.0 was a goal set too high, and now I’m just trying to reach v1.0 without being too hard on myself.

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I don’t eat at the right times. I always eat late at night. I am currently doing nothing about it. But I do have to say that after smoking for 14 years, I have now been smoke-free for almost 3 months. One thing at a time.

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I started smoking again a few years back, have cut down significantly but still don’t really want to quit since I have so few vices but it scares me and will have to go away, probably sooner than later since Clove cigarettes will no longer be allowed into the USA. I will have to find a replacement vice.

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I eat sugary foods in the middle of the night and it is no good for my health and energy.

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I obsessively check the news. It feeds my paranoia but I check it at least once an hour. I haven’t done anything to give up this habit but I know it’s not healthy.

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My whole like is unhealthy, I smoke, I drink, I used to regularly take drugs, my diet isn’t bad but could be better, I do little to no exercise, I listen to loud music, I shower (according to new research that’s now bad for you)

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I don’t brush my teeth often enough, and I rarely heed my doctor’s orders to walk at least a mile every day.

I spend way too much time on the computer instead.

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1. I spend too much time online.
2. I have too much porn.
3. I’m obsessed with my looks and have no self-esteem.
4. I start many things, but never finish one. Giving up easy
5. I lose my temper instantaneously and extremely often.
6. I cuss too much. This ties in with #5.
7. I procrastinate.
8. I wash my hands too much.
9. I’m always paranoid that someone will betray me.

Not doing too much about any of it.

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Where do I begin? Well, obviously, I spend too much time online. I have recently declared that I’m taking a break from facebook and tumblr, but I still check them every day (for messages). I smoke. I don’t actually really want to quit, to be honest. But I would like to cut down. I have terrible eating and exercise habits. I work on these periodically, but nothing seems to stick. And procrastination? Oh, yeah. I could definitely co-teach that course!

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I think most people can decide what they should do, or what they shouldn’t do, that is easy. But so what, your brain has gravitated and loves the desired satisfaction it gets, and you may consciously say, I shouldn’t do this. So, it seems whatever you try and do that prevents you from that pleasure, or removes you from that pain seems impossible to get away from. It is the subconscious brain that controls people without a doubt, and you need a good size weed whip to create those new neural pathways. I am by no means saying I have the answer; I don’t, it is the same struggle I have, but I think it is the direction one should approach. People consciously tell themselves they are going to change all the time, but it is like hitting a ping pong ball against a wall -kinda like everyone’s New Years Resolution that fails at best by May. It’s got to start deep down inside by creating a new belief, somehow. That is the challenge for me.

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Eating! I quit smoking and started eating! I wanted to diet, but I love food too much! Not really doing anything about it now!

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@ShanEnri Greetings. I am the ghost of Gluttony’s past. What you want right now is Sara Lee cheesecake bites. Strawberry. Dipped liberally in a big tub of Cool Whip. Mmmmm.

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I should get more exercise and I’m not doing anything to change that.

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I’m a (light) smoker and I over-eat.

I haven’t stopped smoking yet strictly out of habit. I smoke when I work. It’s the only way you can actually have a break.

The over-eating is partly due to my love of food. I love eating. Food tastes yummy. But I tend to over indulge, especially in regard to the exercise I get (which is nil).

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@Piper_Brianmind Nice try, but I don’t like cheesecake! I’m more of a potato chip and candy person!

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Procrastination – especially where housework is concerned. I tell myself I’ll check-in quickly to my online accounts, but get sucked-in and kill any free time I had.

I am unhappy with my living arrangements, but financially and for other reasons, I am unable to change it. I have allowed a tremendous amount of clutter to amass to the point where I am overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. I also don’t know what I really should be tossing vs. keeping in terms of financial/legal/medical paperwork. Then there are the items that I think someone, somewhere might want… like old computers, software, gadgets, etc. and I don’t want them to go to a landfill.

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Bulimia. Drinking. Lying.

My attempts to change them have failed and what stands in the way? Me.

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-Rarely brush my teeth
-Never wash my hair
-Eat tons of carbs
-Sleep with my mouth open (seems to bring more thick teeth coatings)
-Sometimes rarely shower
-Sometimes re ware dirty cloths
-Often procrastinate

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I have waaaay too much time on my hands and have begun to neglect housekeeping, my personal appearance and hole up in my mancave watching cartoons and smoking my pipes; brooding. (no, tobacco pipes! I’m too old for ganja) kinda like @hearkat.. actually just like that. And don’t have the energy to start to do anything about it which starts the circle all over.

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@majorrich: HaHaHa… I don’t smoke pipes and watch cartoons!

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