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Download iPhone photo library?

Asked by killertofu (115points) September 15th, 2009

How can I extract my iPhone’s photo library without purchasing software?

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What kind of home computer do you have – Mac or PC? On the Mac, iPhoto will download your images; on the PC, when you plug in the iPhone, it will ask you what you want to do – if you have compatible software already on your system, it should appear as an option.

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I use a Mac. It does indeed show my pictures with iPhoto, however only pictures I’ve taken on the camera. I’m trying to extract my photos uploaded from previous iPhoto library.

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@killertofu: Oh. I’m guessing that you no longer have those images anywhere on the computer? I honestly don’t know… the only suggestion I have would be to email them to yourself, which will be easier now that you can send multiple images.

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