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Where in washington is the nearest to Olympia for buffalo steak?

Asked by Viviana (8points) January 22nd, 2008

Looking for a outlet nearby to buy free range chicken and buffalo or venison…

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Been a couple of years, but:

Seattle’s Finest Exotic Meats
2245 148th Ave. N.E.
Bellevue, WA 98007
Phone: 425–641-1069, 800–641-1069
Fax: 206–542-7224

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Sorry about additional entries, but fighting my 6 m/o lab for my bowl of grapenuts.

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There is a stand at the Olympia Farmers Market that could either sell that meat or give you some info on other producers in the area that could help you out. Unfortunately, the market is not open until April. You can check out all the producers on the Olympia Farmers Market website:

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You can get ground bison at Top Foods, and they can probably get steaks for you
if you ask for them.

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