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Where are the usefull web apps?

Asked by joshisradd (238points) January 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

It seems that the more I look for iPhone web apps the more I realize they are mostly rubish.

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Amen, brother! That and the fact that they may be made obsolete by the SDK. I do like & which are different (from each other). Google reader (which is available as a standalone and via is useful (for a feed fix, primarily). Aside from, (Scenario Poker) comes in handy when I want to kill some time. Also comes in handy when we’re deciding on a movie.

I would love an iphone app that either was or approached for product reviews. For whatever reason, the site locks up my browser when I want to look up a review while I’m out shopping.

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i tend to favour the pc mag reviews…

These are our favorite new sites in the exploding category of Web applications.,1759,2175099,00.asp

Top 100 Classic Web Sites,1895,2168282,00.asp

Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites,1895,2168282,00.asp

The Trouble with Web Apps – comments on iphone in here,1759,2164130,00.asp

The Best and Worst New Software, Sites, and Web Applications

Last week I took a look at AppUpdate, a Mac application that scans your system for installed apps and checks for updates. Windows users might want a similar tool to keep up to date, too. Well, here you go: SUMo is a free Windows app that scans your system for installed apps, checks your version number against the one available from the developer, and lets you know when there’s a new version to download. AppScout is the Network’s blog/Website focused on the world of software and Web applications.

Looking back over 2006 it’s clear that we’ve experienced one of the most remarkable growth surges in Web application history. Literally hundreds of Web sites and applications were launched this year and brought to our attention via the popular review sites like Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch, Pete Cashmore’s Mashable , and Emily Chang’s eHub

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Launchrz – – has an extensive directory of iPhone webapps and users can rate or leave comments on them. You can also keep your own personal “Launchrz page” with your favorites that will load automatically each time you visit the site. 1.1.3 may have mitigated the need for this feature a little but I prefer to keep my webapps separate. Anyway, you can type almost anything into the search bar at the top and it will come back with some apps to check out… also be sure to try the quick search (tap the magnifying glass) to see the highest rated or most popular apps.

I don’t really know what people think is so great about native apps, sure they’re great for games, but most of what I want to do with my iPhone involves the internet anyway, so there isn’t a lot of benefit to them being native. For example, FlickIM is my preferred instant messaging application – personally I think its better than either of the native options. BeeJive is also very good.

[I’ll list their Launchrz page, that way you can read the desciptions, etc, just tap on the icon for the app to launch it]
FlickIM –
JiveTalk –

Other Webapps I’ve got on my Launchrz page that I use regularly are:

Cinema Listings –
Fluther (obviously) –
Newsgator – RSS reader, I use this everyday –
Wizard Media – stream podcasts to you phone, no syncing! –
SeeqPod – find an stream almost any song –
iScopes – horroscopes –

I have a tonne more, but I use those almost every day. I’m also completely addicted to this simple game called Castle Feud. Mind Dojo keeps me sharp, and Pipes has been keeping me busy today.

Castle Feud –
Mind Dojo –
Pipes –

Hope these help you out. Cheers!

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Launchrz appears to be DEAD

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AppSafari seems to be pretty complete and displays a webapp version when viewed from the iPhone.

In the App Store is an app called ”Web Apps” which has an extensive database and allows you to bookmark them into a directory, thus saving space on your home screens.

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