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Anyone know of a way to get Permanent Hot Pink hair?

Asked by justus2 (851points) September 15th, 2009

I use Manic Panic now which is semi-permanent and it is like a pink/purple in diff lighting, it is beautiful, but I don’t like how it fades out with every wash and am hoping someday to be able to have permanent hot pink hair until it grows out of course?

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One way is to go to a salon. I don’t know where you live, there’s one in my area that does a great job.

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removed by embarrassed yarnlady

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—@YARNLADY: I think you misunderstood the question. She’s saying she wants the color to be permanent.—

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Transform into an anime character.

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@La_chica_gomela ooops, I thought it said get ‘rid’ of hot pink hair.

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Reds (and pink is in the red family) tend to fade really quickly. Even if you do find a salon that can give you “permanent” color, it probably won’t stay vibrant long.

Wear a hat, get a sunscreen hair spray, and use a color conserving shampoo.

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Hot Pink wig + super glue + staple gun.

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I was going to suggest pink HiLiter. I got some of that on my favorite shirt and it has stayed very pink and vibrant through numerous washings!

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Loreal makes “Colour Rays” that come in pink (“Fuchsia Flash”). I’ve found this at Walmart.

However, the pink fades a lot more quickly than the red, and seems to fade to the same color as the red (“Red Rays”), like it’s the same color, only less concentrated.

The red actually looks nice, imho—it’s sort of a pinkish red. Very bright!

Also—if you have long hair, you will need at least 2 boxes to cover your entire head. It’s not meant to be an allover treatment.

(I had Halle Berry short hair and was able to color it all with just one box of red.)

Oh, and, it’s a bleaching + coloring agent all in one step. (You’ll get super bright color, as long as it’s your natural color and/or not dyed black.) No need to bleach beforehand to get great color! (woot!)

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Another way to make Manic Panic stick is to bleach your hair first (go platinum), then do the Manic Panic. I love Manic Panic. :)

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You have to start out bleached, and reapply the color every two weeks. I love the fades, especially blue. It looks like mermaid hair when it starts to fade.

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Im sorry, did you say PERMANENT Pink hair?!? Holy Shit!

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Yes permanent pnk hair is what I said

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anyone have anymore questions about pink hair? could I dye my pubes pink?

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This may seem like a really roundabout way of doing it, and I stumbled across it by accident, but it really worked!
On pre-bleached hair I applied Special Effects ((I stopped using Manic Panic cause they washed out wayyy to fast)) “Deep Purple” and “Brandy Wine” to my hair (the key here is to use anything that has a hot pink base).
I re-colored a couple times to keep the color fresh, but I don’t know if this helped the process. Then after a month or so I wanted a change, so I bleached it all…. I left the bleach in for the maximum time, but still the bleach would NOT get rid of the NEON pink that was the result of the purple I used.
PROS: The color NEVER ever washes out or fades.
CONS: Ya’ll know what bleach does to hair. But I find that Aussie “3 minute Miracle” (Y’know, purple bottles, kangaroo on the front) Makes your hair feel like its never been bleached or colored!! ;D

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@wasabi_rave, Welcome to Fluther! Lurve your profile pic. You’ve got great hair.

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@jmah Thanks! For the welcome and the comment. My hair has been going through a constant color change over the past year or so! :)

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@wasabi_rave: Your avatar makes me want to re-dye my hair right now soooooooooooooo bad, especially instead of finishing my paper that’s due tomorrow!

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Go to a salon. My friend’s sister had these gorgeous hot pink streaks through her hair that were permanent, lasted for months! But she had it done at a salon, I never see permanent hair dye in drugstores in anything but ‘natural’ colours. bleurgh

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