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Anyone else get the private survey question for a new Q&A site?

Asked by limeaide (1921points) September 16th, 2009

If so did it seem to be a phishing scam to anyone else? Why is it required I give my City,State and how I make my income?

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Nope never got it , it could be a scam . Or it could be a special something for special people to get . If in doubt ask the builders , or throw it out

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@sandystrachan I deleted it 5 minutes ago, thinking it was a scam. I didn’t even think about keeping maybe I should have. I thought afterward maybe it would be good to expose to the community in case it was a scam.

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@limeaide Have you informed the gods at be about it , incase they dont have a clue . Maybe they can recycle the mail .

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I did, I’ve ignored it.

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Yes, I got it. Why do you think it is a scam? It was private messaged to me.

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@JLeslie like I said in my details of my question, why would they need to know the city, state and job title. Seems like a phishing scam to me.

@sandystrachan I haven’t notified them of this, in a round-a-bought way I didn’t want to narc on them if they were using fluther to jump start their own competitor site. But if it is a phishing scam then they should be notified.

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[Mod Says] What is the user ID of this spammer?

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I trust the person who sent it to me, but maybe you mean it was falsely sent by that person? That someone used their name?

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Nope. I’ve not gotten it.

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I didn’t receive this private survey. I’m guessing this is a person from a previous site trying to start their own Q&A site and isn’t sending it to people that have been on Fluther for some time now, but only to people that are fairly new here. just a guess

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Sorry, I deleted it before thinking about it. Maybe @Noel_S_Leitmotiv or @JLeslie would be able to give that to you.

@JLeslie I didn’t recognize the name but didn’t look at it very long either. Just my opinion but unless I know the person offline I wouldn’t 100% trust anyone. I guess maybe someone could earn my trust but it would take a substantial amount of time and interactions.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Your a Mod aren’t you? Crap, I thought mine was from Gailcalled, but that was my mistake it was JJ1981 Gail had a message below to me, and I compeletely screwed up. Now I am very suspicious too.

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I sent a copy of it to Andrew, but did not hear anything back.

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I got it too. Making me itchy.

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haven’t seen it, what praytell did it say?

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@dalepetrie That they were a group of entrepreneurs that were going to make their own Q&A site and I was just the kind of person they’d like to have on the new site. They asked that I take a survey that linked to a Google docs survey they created. I read the first 2 questions and thought it may be a phishing attempt. They asked what city and state do you live in and what is your job title. Why would anyone need to know that? I didn’t read anything else and deleted it.

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But, I did answer it. So if it is a phishing attempt, what do I have to worry about? what should I do?

I still have the link, but are you all too afriad to even look at it for me?

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Could it not be a virus or something was attached with the link ?

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@JLeslie I’m not sure what you would do, or if you even have to worry. Did you give your full name and e-mail address in the last question and answer the first 2 questions? If so it seems as they they have a good amount of information about you. Don’t know what to tell you though.

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BTW – I put this in a separate answer in case a mod wanted to delete but here is the link they sent me (I wouldn’t fill out):

@sandystrachan I’m not aware of any viruses being about to be propagated from google docs but that doesn’t mean it’s not so. I haven’t been infected as far as I know.

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I got a PM & ignored it.

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@limeaide I didn’t answer any of the questions at the end. that contained name and address.

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@JLeslie that’s good. Like I said I have no idea what this was or wasn’t I just wanted to notify folks.

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@limeaide I’m glad you posted the question :) maybe we will get an answer when the mods follow up.

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didn’t get anything no

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